August 6, 2018 – August 10, 2018

The ICCM is an international conference providing an international forum for exchanging ideas on recent advances in areas related to computational methods, numerical modelling & simulation, as well as their applications in engineering and science. It will accommodate presentations on a wide range of topics to facilitate inter-disciplinary exchange of ideas in science, engineering and related disciplines, and foster various types of academic collaborations. The ICCM Proceedings (papers only) will be published online permanently with an International Standard Serial Number of ISSN 2374-3948 at our website. And all Presentations (abstracts and papers) will be published online at our website as well. All submissions will be given a peer review. All accepted submissions will be scheduled for an oral presentation at the conference, except being requested for publication only. We will post the Presentation Schedule online two weeks before the conference.

The ICCM conference series were originated in Singapore in 2004 by Professor GR Liu, followed by ICCM2007 in Hiroshima, Japan,ICCM2010 in Zhangjiajie, China, ICCM2012 in Gold Coast, Australia, ICCM2014 at Cambridge, England, ICCM2015 at Auckland, New Zealand, ICCM2016 at Berkeley, CA, USA, and ICCM2017, at Guilin, China. We are looking forward to seeing you at ICCM2018 at Rome, Italy.

ICCM2018 is organized by Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

The conference venue is Auditorium Antonianum, located at 1 Viale Manzoni, 00185, Rome, Italy. Website:

The conference Social Dinner (Banquet) will be organized at Palazzo Brancaccio, located at Viale del Monte Oppio 7, 00184, Roma, RM, Italy. Website:

Conference Chairman:

Professor Patrizia Trovalusci (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)

Honorary Chairman:

Professor G. R. Liu (University of Cincinnati, USA)

Authors are invited to submit abstracts or papers of topics related to this conference. All abstracts and papers accepted for publication in the Presentations and Proceedings will be subject to a peer review. Papers submitted, peer-reviewed, and presented at the ICCM2018 will be included in the Full Paper Proceedings online for open access. After the conference, all presented papers will be invited to be developed into a full journal paper for publication in special issues of one of the following international journals.


1)   International Journal of Computational Methods (IJCM)

2)   International Journal for Multiscale Computational Engineering (IJMCE)

3)   Nonlinear Dynamics, Springer Nature

4)   Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications (JOTA)

5)   Meccanica

6)   International Journal of Novel Ideas: Mathematics (IJNI-Math)

7)   International Journal of Novel Ideas: Computational Methodology (IJNI-CM)

8)   International Journal of Modern Mechanics (IJMM)

9)   International Journal of Mechanical Systems (IJMS)

10) International Journal of Advanced Composites (IJAC)

Recognized by AIMETA:

Associazione Italiana di Meccanica Teorica e Applicata


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