Our Services

GR Tech offers expertise and consultation in design, analysis and solving problems for systems in mechanical, aerospace and civil engineering. Our analysis will be based the computational methods including the standard FEM, FVM, and advanced Meshfree, S-FEM and GSM techniques. Typical projects are:

  • Stress and failure analysis of materials and structures
  • Ideas and solutions for failure prevention;
  • Fracture and crack propagation in materials and structures;
  • Fatigue and service life prediction for structures;
  • Acoustics, structural-acoustics, and aero-acoustics;
  • Heat transfer and thermal stress analysis;
  • Fluid flow problems;
  • Fluid-structural interaction problems;
  • Computational Nondestructive Evaluation;
  • Advanced code development for customized analysis. 
We serve both industry for their engineering problems and academic institutions for their advanced scientific research and educationaloperations.

  • Email: j.novelideas@gmail.com
  • Tel: +1 (513) 204-9580