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Higher-order mixed finite elements for nonlinear analysis of frames including shear deformation
Joe Petrolito, Daniela Ionescu

Last modified: 2020-08-10


Until recently, linear analysis has been considered sufficient for the static analysis of structural frames. Nonlinear effects, if included, have tended to be considered at the element level rather than at the complete structure level. However recent changes in codes of practice, such as the steel structures code, have been introduced that require a more complete nonlinear analysis to be performed. While these requirements should lead to a more accurate analysis, there has been little guidance given to the type and implementation of such an analysis. Moreover, different implementations have been adopted by various commercial software.

In this paper, we discuss the use of mixed finite elements for the large deflection analysis of two-dimensional frames including shear deformation. In particular, we develop a family of elements that can be combined with different nonlinear models and discuss the effects of various assumptions and approximations that are commonly used to simplify the analysis. Examples are given to illustrate the various issues discussed.


frame analysis; nonlinear analysis; shear deformation; mixed finite elements

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