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Dynamic analysis of a FGM beam with the point interpolation method
Chaofan Du, Xiang Gao, Dingguo Zhang, Xiaoting Zhou

Last modified: 2020-07-25



A meshfree method based on polynominal point interpolation method (PIM) is proposed for dynamci analysis of a rotating hub-functionally graded material beam in temperature field. The deformation field is described by a series of individual nodal data. Compared with finite element method (FEM), the shape functions of the current method have high-order continuities. Considering the high-order terms of non-linear coupling deformation variable which is the longitudinal shortening caused by transverse deformation, and the influence of thermal coupling under the condition of external high temperature and internal cooling, the high-order rigid-flexible coupling dynamic equations are established via employing Lagrange’s euqations of the second kind. Simulation results indicate that diffenent functionally graded material distribution rules and material gradient indices have a great effect on the dynamic characteristics of the system. The high-order model is more accurate than the previous low-order model. The high-frequency oscillation will occur under the effect of thermal shock. Meanwhile, the simulation results are compared with FEM and assumed mode methods, which shows the superiotity of PIM.

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