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A Novel Method for Jittering Mitigation at the Arm-tip of Robots over Working Trajectory
Chunlu Li, Fang Wang, Shuyong Duan

Last modified: 2020-07-18


In order to improve the trajectory accuracy of the robot arm tip, a new method for reducing jitter is proposed. The key idea of ​​this method is to transfer the jitter of the arm tip to the vibration of the mass nested in our jitter mitigator. This method only requires the frequency of jitter at the tip of the arm, without exploring the original cause of jitter, so it is suitable for various types of robots. The jitter reducer is an independent module that can be easily attached to or detached from the arm when needed. We take an actual six-axis serial robot as an example, and study the feasibility of the method in detail through computer modeling, simulation and experiment. First, an accelerometer connected to the LMS test laboratory is used to measure the time history of the shaking vibration of the robot arm tip through experiments conducted under working conditions. Through FFT analysis, the main frequency can be found. The parameters of the jitter mitigator are calculated based on our theory. A finite element model is established to simulate the shaking of the same robot. The results show that the average vibration amplitude at the tip of the arm is reduced by at least 68%. The experiment confirms the correctness of this conclusion.


Robot arm; Arm-tip jittering; Jittering vibration mitigation; Trajectory accuracy

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