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Topological insulating mechanics and generic design of metamaterials
Xiaoying Zhuang

Last modified: 2020-08-05


Metamaterials are artificially structured materials exhibiting super properties and highly unusual functions that cannot be achieved by conventional materials or be found in nature. Phononic metamaterials have numerous interesting applications such as the manipulation and attenuation of elastic waves at various frequencies. They are expected to bring revolutionary changes in engineering such as reinforcing energy harvesting/storage, high sensitivity sensing, non-invasive controlling and strong wave-matter interaction. Topological insulating (TI) materials is a material that behaves like an insulator in its interior but its surface or edge remain conducting. In other words, the wave can only propagates along the surface or edge of the materials. Exploring the Quantum Spin Hall Effect (QSHE) to achieve topological band gaps in metamaterials offers the exciting advantages of defect free, backscattering resistant elastic wave guiding. In this talk, Prof. Zhuang will present her recent works for the innovative design of topological insulator. The talk will be concluded by highlighting the perspectives of generative inverse design of TI, soft materials and switchable TI by explaining the topological mechanics.

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