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Symmetry and superposition rules proposed to apply in engineering design
Janusz Rębielak

Last modified: 2020-08-05


The basic principles of symmetry together with rules of the method of superposition are often applied in science, technology and in engineering. In Ancient Greece the term “symmetria” related to art as well as to science. In art principles of symmetry are considered with esthetic aspects particularly in area of searching of good proportions. In science the concept of symmetry was extended to the study of periodic structures and later to consider invariance in physics, while in mathematics especially importance took new meaning of mirror or bilateral and later rotational symmetry [1]. The method of superposition refers in particular for all the linear systems states and implies, that the net response caused by two or more stimuli is the sum of the responses that would have been caused by each stimulus individually [2]. Due to application of such properties one can solve a complex or difficult problem in at least two relatively easy and simple stages. The paper presents some selected examples of implementation of rules of symmetry and principle of superposition in the methods of architectonic and engineering design worked out by the author.

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