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Moving Morphable Component (MMC)-based Explicit Topology Optimization-Some New Developments
Xu Guo

Last modified: 2020-08-07


Moving Morphable Components (MMC) method, which does topology optimization in an explicit and geometrical way, is a new design paradigm for structural topology optimization. Unlike traditional solution frameworks, where topology optimization is achieved by eliminating unnecessary materials from the design domain or evolving the structural boundaries, a set of morphable components are used as building blocks of topology optimization in the MMC framework and optimal structural topology is obtained by optimizing the shapes, lengths, thicknesses, orientations and layout (connectivity) of morphable structural components. The advantages of the method are that: 1) it can integrate the size, shape, and topology optimization in CAD modelling systems seamlessly; 2) The method can combine both the advantages of explicit and implicit geometry descriptions for topology optimization; 3) It also has a great potential to reduce the computational burden associated with topology optimization. The proposed work introduces some new developments of the MMC-based method, including solving large-scale three-dimensional topology optimization problem, additive manufacturing-oriented design and so on. Some representative examples are presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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