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Plenary Lecture

Relation between blood pressure and pulse wave velocity for human arteries
Yonggang Huang

MS-000 General Papers

An improved design of magnetic crawler wall-climbing robot with capacities of high payload and good locomotion on the convex surface for hull maintenance
Junyu Hu

MS-003 Mechanics of surface/interface and bionics

Debonding analysis of adhesively bonded pipe joints subjected to combined thermal and mechanical loadings
Jun Han, Huanliang Zhang, Lan Zeng, Hong Yuan

MS-012 Deformation, Fatigue and Fracture of Advanced Materials

Crystal plasticity simulation of the indentation behavior of Ni-based single crystal superalloy considering the crystal orientation effect
Qinan Han, Wenhui Qiu, Haitao Cui, Huiji Shi

MS-015 Smoothed Finite Element Methods and Related Techniques

A Novel Bone Remodeling Algorithm Based-on the Smoothed Finite Element Methods
Shuhao Huo, Chao Sun, G.R. Liu
Automatic Adaptive ES-FE Approach for Limit Load Determination of Engineering Structures
Sawekchai Tangaramvong, Vu Le Hoang

MS-018 Data, Uncertainty, Machine Learning and Digital Twin

Structural damage detection by FEM and CNN
Fangsen Cui, Shuai Teng, Kefeng Zhong, Yue Hu, Gen Liu, Zhiqiang Teng, Gongfa Chen
A Global Sensitivity Analysis Method for Multi-input Multi-output System
Qiming Liu, Nichen Tong, Xu Han

MS-027 Modeling and Simulation for Additive Manufacturing

Simulation of metal Grain Growth in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process using Phase-field Thermal Coupled Model
Zhida Huang, Jian Lu, Chong Liu, Bo Li

MS-035 Computational Biomechanics

Theoretical analysis of the balaenid whale’s hydrodynamic filtering system
Dean Hu, Yawei Zhu, Gang Yang

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