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MS-012 Deformation, Fatigue and Fracture of Advanced Materials

Fatigue crack propagation experiment using additive manufactured specimen and crack propagation analysis
Tomonori iso, Shungo Mizutani, Hiroshi Okada

MS-013 Large Scale Coupled Problems and Related Topics

Study on an analysis methodology for metal Additive Manufacturing process using a large scale parallel finite element computation
Hiroaki Kobayashi, Yuma Murakami, Yasunori Yusa, Hiroshi Okada
New Deep Learning Interatomic Potential for Pure Magnesium
Lijun Liu, Daisuke Matsunaka, Yoji Shibutani

MS-018 Data, Uncertainty, Machine Learning and Digital Twin

Research on the operation and intelligent obstacle avoidance of mowing robot in the whole life cycle of grassland
honglei ma, Shuyong Duan, Guirong Liu

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