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Plenary Lecture

Computational Modelling of 3D printed lattice structures
Jonathan Tran

MS-004 Boundary Element Methods and Mesh Reduction Methods

Convolution quadrature time-domain boundary element method for viscoelastic wave scattering by many cavities in 3-D infinite space
Haruhiko Takeda, Takahiro Saitoh

MS-007 Fire Simulation

Localisation of fire source in a warehouse using plume-tracing method
Zeqi Li, Zhao Feng Tian, Tien-fu Lu, Houzhi Wang

MS-012 Deformation, Fatigue and Fracture of Advanced Materials

Geometrical and energetic analysis of curved surfaces due to disclination in graphene sheet
Yoshitada Tomioka, Xiao-Wen Lei

MS-015 Smoothed Finite Element Methods and Related Techniques

Automatic Adaptive ES-FE Approach for Limit Load Determination of Engineering Structures
Sawekchai Tangaramvong, Vu Le Hoang

MS-018 Data, Uncertainty, Machine Learning and Digital Twin

Structural damage detection by FEM and CNN
Fangsen Cui, Shuai Teng, Kefeng Zhong, Yue Hu, Gen Liu, Zhiqiang Teng, Gongfa Chen
A Global Sensitivity Analysis Method for Multi-input Multi-output System
Qiming Liu, Nichen Tong, Xu Han

MS-035 Computational Biomechanics

Computer simulation of thrombus formation based on low-shear-rate history using particle method
Ken-ichi Tsubota
Computer simulation of effects of renal vessel structure on the blood flow
Wei Deng, Ken-ichi Tsubota

Publication at eProceedings

Buckling and post-buckling analysis of frame structures using a free-locking beam-SPH model
Thanh Hai Tuan Tran, Jamila Rahmoun, Hakim Naceur, Nguyen Dinh Son
Numerical Simulation of Incompressible Flows Around a Flat Plate Using Immersed Boundary Method with Pressure Boundary Condition
Kyohei Tajiri, Yuki Okahashi, Mitsuru Tanaka, Masashi Yamakawa, Hidetoshi Nishida
Numerical Simulation of Incompressible Flows Around a Rotating Object Using ALE Seamless Immersed Boundary Method with Overset Grid
Kyohei Tajiri, Akihiro Urano, Mitsuru Tanaka, Masashi Yamakawa, Hidetoshi Nishida

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