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Plenary Speaker & Thematic Plenary Speaker

Plenary: Mechanistic data-driven design of complex multiscale material systems
Wing Kam Liu
Charbel Farhat
Thematic Plenary: Large-Scale Collapse Analyses of Buildings and Motion Analyses of Non-Structural Components within Them
Daigoro Isobe
Thematic Plenary: Ill-conditioning with C∞ radial basis functions and asymmetric collocation
Edward John Kansa
Thematic Plenary: FSI simulation with coupled incompressible material point finite element method
Fan Zhang, Xiong Zhang
Thematic Plenary: Combined effects on MHD Free Convection Rotating flow of Visco-elastic fluid Past an Infinite vertical oscillating porous plate with Chemical reaction
Jagdish Prakash, M. Veera Krishna
Thematic Plenary: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Applications in Some Sediment Dispersion Problems
Nhan Phan-Thien
Thematic Plenary: Damage and Failure in Natural Fibre Composites: A Multiscale Perspective
Shyam M. Panamoottil, Raj Das, Krishnan Jayaraman

MS-000 General Papers

Hydromagnetic Nanofluids flow through porous media with thermal radiation, chemical reaction and viscous dissipation using spectral relaxation method
Sabyasachi Mondal, Precious Sibanda, Nageeb A.H. Haroun
The implementation of multi-block lattice Boltzmann method on GPU
Ya Zhang, Guang Pan, Qiaogao Huang
Analyzing and predicting the criteria pollutants over a tropical urban area by using statistical models
Sharadia Dey, Precious Sibanda, Srimanta Gupta, Arum Chakraborty
Suspension stability analysis of soil along the metro lines impact by strong vibrations traffic load
Xiangfeng Lv
The traffic jerk for the full velocity different car-following model
Yi Liu, Hongxia Ge, KL Tsui, KK Yuen, Siuming Lo
Multi-patches based B-Spline method for Solid and Structure
Yanan Liu, Bin Hu
Preserving Hyperbolicity in Stochastic Galerkin Method for Uncertainty Quantification
Zhenning Cai, Ruo Li, Yanli Wang
Elevated temperature fatigue and failure mechanism of 2.5D T300/QY8911-IV woven composites
Jian Song, Haitao Cui
Car-following model with considering vehicle’s backward looking effect and its stability analysis
Yunong Wang, Hongxia Ge, Siuming Lo, Kwok-Leung Tsui, Kwok-Keung Yuen
A novel immersed boundary method for the strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction
Shang-Gui Cai
An Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) Framework for the Numerical Simulation of Multiphase Flow Problems
Mehmet Sahin, Cagatay Guventurk
A computational methodology for predicting failure initiation from V-notch edges in 3D brittle elastic materials
Brigit Mittelman, Zohar Yosibash
Investigating the mechanical behavior of the human oocyte: A computational study conducted in a clinical setting
elad priel, Tsvia Priel, Iris Har-Vardi
Modeling and simulating methods for the desiccation cracking
Sayako Hirobe, Kenji Oguni
Chemical Reaction, Heat and Mass Transfer on Unsteady MHD Flow along a Vertical Stretching Sheet with Heat Generation/Absorption and Variable Viscosity
Jatindra Lahkar
Effective Properties Evaluation for Multifunctional Composite Materials
Aravind Chandrasekar, Ramesh Gupta Burela, Roghan Subramanian
Reduction of Shock Capturing Error in Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes for Hypersonic Flow Simulations
Eric Jishuan Ching, Yu Lv, Matthias Ihme
A computational method for the identification of plastic zones and residual stress in elastoplastic structures.
Thouraya Nouri Baranger, Stéphane Andrieux
Numerical study on tool design for free forming of large and thick plate with unstable blank support
Byeong-Kwon Kang, Mahn-Jung Yoon, Beom-Soo Kang, Taewan KU
The numerical manifold method for two-dimensional transient heat conduction
Huihua Zhang
Numerical analysis of optimum packing structure of particles on a spherical surface
Takuya Uehara
Recursive Formulas, Fast Algorithm and Its Implementation of Partial Derivatives of the Beta Function
Huizeng Qin, youmin lu, Nina Shang
Development of Total Integrated Analysis Technology for High-Pressure Automotive Fuel Pump
Norihiko Nonaka
The transient of visco-elastic MHD fluid through Stoke’s Oscillating porous plate: an exact solution
Seismic Response of Structure under Soil-Structure Interaction Effect
Narith Prok
Capacity of rectangular steel beams and their connections to carry loads through catenary action
Kyung-Jae Shin, Hee-Du Lee, Swoo-Heon Lee, So-Yeong Kim, Young-Joo Lee
Phase field simulation of magnetization vortex in ferromagnetic nanomaterials
Jie Wang, Gui-Ping Li
Frictional contact formulation with geometric and materials nonlinearities
Layla Amaireh, Ghadir Haikal
Molecular communication in nano networks communication
Sidra Zafar, Mohsin Nazir, Aneeqa Sabah
Small defining sets in n x n Sudoku squares
Ebadollah S Mahmoodian
Cell Responses to Actively Rotational Nanoparticles: A Coarse-Grained Study
Xianqiao Wang, Liuyang Zhang
Design of a Speed Adaptive Controller for DC Shunt Connected Motors using Neural Networks
Zeferino Damian Noriega, Ruben Tapia-Olvera
Active Vibration Control of a Vehicle Suspension System Based on Signal Differentiation
Zeferino Damian Noriega
Closed Loop Algebraic Parametric Identification of a DC Shunt Motor
Zeferino Damian-Noriega

MS-001 Theory and Formulation for Novel Computational Methods

Keynote: Computing contact forces of elastic structure based on entropy in statistical physics
Zhaocheng Xuan
Keynote: An Implicit Integrated Polyharmonic Splines Method for PDEs
Guangming Yao
Keynote: The Cosserat Point Element (CPE) – A new approach for finite element formulation
Mahmood Jabareen
Invited: Multi-model finite element approach for stress analysis of composite laminates
Umesh Naresh Band, Yogesh M Desai
An innovative approach to computational simulation of the functional characteristics of poroelastic materials illustrated with diffusion into articular cartilage
Jamal Kashani, Lihai Zhang, Yuantong Gu, Adekunle Oloyede
An Integrated Linear Reconstruction for Finite Volume Scheme on Unstructured Grids
Li Chen, Ruo Li
Discrete asymptotic equations for long wave propagation
Stevan Bellec
An isogeometric discontinuous Galerkin method for 2D Euler equations
Shengjiao Yu, Renzhong Feng, Tiegang Liu
Continuous adjoint-based adaptive discontinuous Galerkin method
Huiqiang Yue, Tiegang Liu, Shaydurov Vladimir
Dislocation Dynamics in polycrystals with atomistic-informed mechanisms of dislocation-grain boundary interactions
Nathaniel J. Burbery, Giacomo Po, Raj Das, W. George Ferguson, Nasr Ghoniem
Modelling ideally incompressible hyperelasticity with a new stabilised equal-order mixed formulation: A framework applicable to meshfree, finite element and smoothed finite element methods
Chun Meng Goh, Martyn Nash, Poul Nielsen
Towards Building a Robust Computational Framework to Simulate Multiphysics Problems - A Solution Technique for Simultaneous Three-Phase (Gas-Liquid-Solid) Interactions
Lucy T. Zhang, Chu Wang
Modeling,Computation and simulaitn of non-linear soft-tissue interaction with flow dynamics with application to biological systems
Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, Manal Badgaish
Semilocal convergence of a parameter based iterative method for operator with bounded second derivative
Prashnath Maroju, Ramandeep Behl, S S Motsa
Efficient family of sixth-order iterative methods for nonlinear models which require only one inverse Jacobian matrix
Ramandeep Behl, P Maroju, S S Motsa
Axial Green's function Methods on Free Grids
Do Wan Kim
Comparisons of Limiters in Discontinuous Galerkin Method
SU Penghui, HU Pengju, ZHANG Liang
Multiscale Crystal Defect Dynamics Model and Simulation of Nanoindentation and Dislocation Nucleation
A cellular automata model for the dynamic behavior of carbon nanotubes
Xiaoqiao He

MS-002 Advanced Computational Modelling of Fracture and Damage

Hui Zhang, Rena C. Yu, Shilang Xu
FEM-based prediction of fracture during manufacturing of thick wall tubes from Inconel 718 alloy in reverse flow forming process
Andrij Milenin, Piotr Kustra, Maciej Pietrzyk, Nikolay Biba
Modeling of Propagation of Multiple Cracks Using Peridynamics
Jiangming Zhao, Yu Sun, Fei Xu, Yijun Liu
A Non-ordinary State-based Peridynamics implementation of Ceramic Material Brittle Fracture
Xin Lai, Lisheng Liu, Qiwen Liu
Explicit modelling of fracture in fiber-reinforced cementitious composites
Hui Zhang, Zhenjun Yang, Shilang Xu
Modelling of Hydrogen Assisted Stress Corrosion Crack Extension along Centerline of Austenitic Stainless Steel Welds
ISHWAR LONDHE, Surjya Kumar Maiti
Thermomechanical Fracture Dynamics in Heterogeneous Media using Cohesive Zone Models. Application to Ageing of Concrete
Lionel Bichet, Frederic Dubois, Yann Monerie, Frederic Perales
Discrete Particle Methods for Simulating High-Velocity Impact Phenomena
Martin Oliver Steinhauser
Mesh-Size Sensitivity for Reinforced Concrete: a Case Study
Xiaodan Ren, Chengdong Yang
Multiscale simulation of fracture pattern of tempered glass
Shingo Urata, Shaofan Li
An approach to study hydraulic fracturing using a fully coupled SPH framework
Kai Pan, Ranjan Pramanik, Bruce Jones, Thomas Douillet-Grellier, Abdulaziz Albaiz, John Williams

MS-003 Modelling and Simulation on Nanomechanics

Keynote: Interactions between Silk Fibroin and Graphene Substrate based on Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Yuan Cheng, Yong-Wei Zhang
Molecular Dynamics Study on Wetting of Wrinkled Graphene
Chengpeng Huang, Yu Sun, Fei Xu
A micromechanics-based parametric study on the electrical behavior of porous nanocomposites reinforced with carbon nanotubes
B.J. Yang, G.U. Ryu, H.K. Lee
Interface constitutive and its impact on mechanical properties of magnesium-matrix ceramic particle reinforced nanocomposites
Xia Zhou, Shangyu Song, Xiaoxia Liu, Guohui Qu
Complex normal form method for nonlinear free vibration of a cantilever nan-obeam with surface effects
Demin zhao

MS-004 Computational Methods and Applications in Geoscience & Engineering

Identification and Computation of Space Conflicts Using Geographic Information Systems
Vijay Kumar Bansal
Simulation and Experimental Validation of Mining Induced Bed Separation of Overlying Strata with Realistic Failure Process Analysis (RFPA)
guangming yu
Reliability Analysis of Slope Stability using Monte Carlo Simulation and Comparison with Deterministic Analysis
Ravi Kumar Sharma
Integrated multiscale modeling of fluid flow in shale: molecular-to-core scales
Farzam Javadpour
Parametric Study on the Effects of Catenary Cables and Soil-Structure Interaction On Dynamic Behavior of Pole Structures Using the Finite Elements Method & Exprimental Validation
Reza Khosravian Champiri
Numerical study on effectiveness of continuum model box used in shaking table test under non-uniform excitation
Zhiyi Chen, Sunbin Liang
An algorithm for simulation of large sliding contact with friction between domains modelled with finite element and material point methods
Andriy Andreykiv, Liang Jin Lim, Markus Burg, Ronald Bringreve
High performance computing for liquefaction hazard assessment with statistical soil models
Jian Chen, Tomohide Takeyama, Hideyuki O-tani, Kohei Fujita, Muneo Hori
Keynote: Application of spatial database modeling to seismic landslides hazard mapping with logistic regression model
Yu Huang, Jiamin Zhou, Miao Yu
A Fully Coupled Finite Element/Finite Volume Method for the Massively Parallel Simulation of Hydraulically Driven Fractures in 3-Dimensions
Randolph R Settgast, Joshua A White, Chandrasekhar Annavarapu, Pengcheng Fu, Yue Hao, Fredrick J Ryerson, Joseph P Morris
Scattered Data Fitting with Fourier Series
Uriel Octavio Moreles
Efficient multi-domain bivariate spectral collocation solution for MHD laminar natural convection flow from a vertical permeable flat plate with uniform surface temperature and thermal radiation
Sicelo Praisegod Goqo, Sabyasachi Mondal, Precious Sibanda, Sandile Motsa
Numerical study of the effects of strain rate on the behaviour of dynamically penetrating anchors in clay
Hassan Sabetamal, John P Carter, Majidreza Nazem, Scott W Sloan
Computational models for design of concrete segments with symmetrical reinforcement bars under the action of bending moments and axial forces
Shouju Li
Seismic behavior of a caisson type breakwater on non-homogeneous soil deposits composed of liquefiable layer under earthquake loading
Xiaohua Bao, Dong Su, Yanbin Fu, Feng Zhang
Application of Bayesian Networks for Estimating Water Saturation
Rosa María Mariscal-Romero, Hector Benítez-Pérez, Ernesto Rubio-Acosta
Novel 6-DoF dexterous parallel manipulator with CRS kinematic chains
MirAmin Hosseini

MS-006 Computational Methods in Engineering

Keynote: Numerical studies of post weld heat treatment on residual stress of impeller
Zhao Zhang
Keynote: Numerical Simulation of Singularly Perturbed Boundary Layer Problems
Manoj Kumar
A case study of time step validation strategy and convergence method for oscillation numerical simulation in a heat transfer process
jia zhu, xiaohui zhang
Stiffness Based Assessment of Masonry Arch Bridges
Pardeep Kumar
Shape identification of steady-state viscous flow fields to prescribe flow velocity distribution
Eiji Katamine
Computation of vadoze zone moisture profiles for successive irrigation scheduling
Vijay Shankar Dogra
The LARED-Integration code for the numerical simulation of the whole implosion process of inertial confined fusion
HENG YONG, Lei chuan Zhai, Song Jiang
Keynote: Analysis of time-dependent problems using a stable node-based smoothed finite element method
Cui Xiangyang, Li Guangyao
A unified computational method of differential analysis for solving the Navier-Stokes equations.
Mike Joseph Mikalajunas
Predicting stability of a prototype un-bonded fibre-reinforced elastomeric isolator by finite element analysis
Thuyet Van Ngo, Anjan Dutta, Sajal K. Deb
A reliability optimization allocation method considering differentiation of functions Based on Goal Oriented method
Xiaojian YI, Huina MU, Peng HOU, Yuehua LAI
Keynote: Stress/Displacement Field Calculation for Bolted Joint Based on State Space Theory
Sun qingchao
Propagation properties of elastic waves in the 3D nacreous composite material
Sheng Zhang
Simple method of approximate calculation of statically indeterminate trusses
Janusz Rębielak
A generalized interfacial interaction model for prediction of mechanical behavior in bionanocomposite materials
Liqiang Lin, xiaowei Zeng, xiaodu wang
Simulating Surface Tension of Oscillating Droplet with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Nowoghomwenma Noel Ehgiamusoe, Yeaw Chu Lee
A high order finite volume solver for simulation of heat transfer in compressible flow from very low to intermediate Mach numbers
Carlos Jesus Romero Casado
Examples of Non-commutative Groebner Bases to Plate Bending Analysis
Y. Jane Liu, Bruno Buchberger, Markus Rosenkranz, Alexander Maletzky
Static calculations and structural design with application of principle of superposition
Janusz Rębielak
Optimal sensors/actuators placement in smart structure using island model parallel genetic algorithm
Animesh Nandy, Debabrata Chakraborty, Mahesh S Shah
An examination of multiplicity of steady states for two- and four-sided lid-driven cavity flows through an HOC scheme
Chitrarth Prasad, Anoop K Dass
NURBS-Based Isogeometric Analysis for Thin Shell Problems Using Fortran implementation with the Penalty Method
Feng Chang, Weiqiang Wang, Yan Liu, Yanpeng Qu
Analytical Study of Machining Patterns Effect on Brake Squeal
Taeksu Jung, Chongdu Cho
Flow-excited vibration of a large-scale Axial-flow pumping station with steel flow passageways based on FSI
Hanyun Zhang
The application of the GSM-CFD solver for the blood flow in carotid bifurcations
Tao Lin, Guirong Liu
Explicit Methods in Quasi-Static Analyses of Rubber-Like Materials
Sebnem Ozupek, Volkan Yurdabak
Optimization design of a fly wing UAV based on CFD simulation
Lizheng Yuan
Adaptive Central-upwind Weighted Compact Non-linear Scheme with Increasing Order of Accuracy
Kamyar Mansour, Kaveh Fardipour

MS-008 Parallel and other high performance computing in the solution of partial differential equations

Keynote: The DVS algorithms: General description and evidences that they are top for treating PDEs in highly parallelized computers.
Ismael Herrera, Iván Contreras
Keynote: DVS Algebraic Developments and Critical Implementation Routes
Marian Lemus García, Ismael Herrera, Iván Contreras
Invited: The DVS algorithms: Their broad applicability and required interfaces
Iván Contreras, Ismael Herrera, Marian Lemus
Invited: Derived Vector Space method applied to a subsurface flow simulator
Guillermo Hernandez-Garcia, Marian Lemus-Garcia, Graciela Herrera, Ismael Herrera
GPU-based numerical solution of thermal multiphase flow in porous media
Victor Leonardo Teja
Extending a 3D Parallel Particle-In-Cell Code For Heterogeneous Hardware
Grischa Jacobs
Development of Three-Dimensional Anisotropic Shell Analysis Based on Domain Decomposition Method for Space Vehicle Engine Nozzle
HyunShig Joo, SangJoon Shin, HaeSeong Cho, SeIl Kim
Parareal Methods for Applications in Finance
Guillaume SALL

MS-009 Computational Modelling of Multi-Uncertainty and Multi-Scale Problems

Consistency-driven Pairwise Comparisons Approach to Abandoned Mines Hazard Rating
Michael Soltys

MS-010 Particle Based Methods

Keynote: Particle-Based Multiscale Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interactions Under Impact Loading
Zhen Chen
Keynote: Projection-based particle methods - latest achievements and future perspectives
Abbas Khayyer, Hitoshi Gotoh
Invited: Discrete Element Analysis of Macroscopic Granular Behaviors Using Elastic Contact Models of Rough Surfaces
Michael Davidson, Hailong Teng, Nikhil Mishra, Michael Faraone, Jae Chung
Invited: Transfer and pouring processes of casting by smoothed particle hydrodynamic method
Tamon Suwa, Masaki Kazama, Keita Ogasawara, Yasuhiro Maeda, Hiroaki Ito
Keynote: MPS-FEM Coupled Method for Interaction between Sloshing Flow and Elastic Structure in Rolling Tanks
Youlin Zhang, Decheng Wan
An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization to detect the SNP Barcode for Breast Cancer Prediction
Cheng-Hong Yang, Yu-Da Lin, Li-Yeh Chuang
Discrete Element Contact Stiffness of Granules with Rough Surfaces
Nikhil Mishra, Michael Faraone, Jae Chung, Hailong Teng, Dehua Yang, Michael Davidson
Faster and Splitting-free Vorticity Redistribution
Matthias Kirchhart, Shinnosuke Obi
Nonlocal fluid method for 2D underwater explosion
Qingsong Tu, Yumeng Hu, Shaofan Li
A method to improve SPH contact interfaces for solid body modeling
Ryan Kupchella

MS-011 Large Scale Coupled Problems and Related Topics

Keynote: The BDD-DIAG Preconditioner in Domain Decomposition Analysis for Magnetostatic Problems
Hiroshi Kanayama, Hongjie Zheng, Shin-ichiro Sugimoto, Masao Ogino
Keynote: An efficient implementation of parallel Scaled-BDD method for large-scale structural analysis
Masao Ogino
Invited: Efficient Computational Strategy for Finite Element Flow Analysis using Semi-Lagrangian Predictor
Yasushi Nakabayashi
Finite element approach with unsteady bioheat equation for human skin burn injury
Abul Mukid Mohammad Mukaddes, Ryuji Shioya, Masao Ogino
Performance evaluation of data compression methods in linear static and dynamic finite element analysis
LIJUN LIU, Masao Ogino
Large-Scale Fluid-Structure Analysis for Tsunami Inundation into the Interior of a Building using MPS-FEM Coupling Method
Hongjie Zheng, Ryuji Shioya

MS-012 Multiscale and Multiphysics Modelling for Complex Materials

Keynote: Multiscale constitutive models for particle composites as ‘non–simple’ continua
Patrizia Trovalusci
A Two-scale Poroplasticity Approach to Soil Liquefaction Analysis
Majid T Manzari
A Two-Step Homogenisation Method for Elastic Properties of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC)
ansam M qsymah
Continuum modeling of biomolecular electrostatics and diffusion using FEM/BEM
Benzhuo Lu
Numerical simulation of the grains growth on titanium alloy electron beam welding process
Xiaogang Liu

MS-013 Orthopaedic Biomechanics and Mechano- Biology

Assigning Material Properties to Finite Element Models of Bone: A New Approach Based on Dynamic Behavior
Amir Ostadi Moghaddam, Mohammad J. Mahjoob, Ara Nazarian

MS-014 Computational Modelling in Material Processing

Atomization of metal droplets in production of powder for 3D printing application
Taher M. Abu-Lebdeh, Sameer A. Hamoush
Metallo-thermo-mechanical modeling of laser cladding for additive restoration of die steels
Wenyi Yan
Simulation of thermoforming processes with anisotropic and visco-hyperelastic sheets of laminate
Peter G. Gruber
Distortion Analysis for Stamping an Automotive Part with Advanced High Strength Steel Sheet
Fuh-Kuo Chen
Using the Basic Math and the Drawing Software for Calculating the Length of Tube for a Cane of Personalized Dimensions
Zeferino Damian Noriega

MS-015 Advanced Computational Methods in Underwater Acoustics

Keynote: Forward scattering of an acoustical Bessel beam by rigid structures using T-matrix method
Zhixiong Gong, Wei Li, Yingbin Chai, Yao Zhao
Invited: An edge-based smoothed finite element method for the active vibration control of piezoelectric structures
Qifan Zhang, Wei Li, Xiangyu You
Free vibration and sound radiation of the rectangular plates based on edge-based smoothed finite element method and application of elemental radiators
Xiangyu You, Wei Li, Yingbin Chai, Qifan Zhang

MS-016 Reconstruction and Extrapolation of N-dimensional Data

Non-intrusive POD-based Simulation for Heat Diffusion Systems
Manyu Xiao, Guohua Zhang, Yufeng Nie

MS-017 Modelling and Characterisation of Mechanical Behaviour of Advanced Materials

Keynote: Oxygen Diffusion and Its Coupling with Crystal Plasticity in a Nickel-Based Superalloy
Liguo Zhao
Keynote: Simulation of Bioresorbable Scaffold and Metallic Stent Deployment in Concentric and Eccentric Coronary Lesion Models
Chad Abunassar
Invited: Strain uncertainties in digital volume correlation of bone via clinical PedCAT CT: a feasibility study
Gianluca Tozzi, Martino Pani
Invited: Cyclic plasticity simulations with yield surface distortion by ABAQUS
The effect of stray grains on the mechanical behavior of nickel-based single crystal superalloy
Tang HaiBin, Guo HaiDing, Liu XiaoGang, Yang SiHui, Huang Li
Hierarchical structure observation, size effect characterization and trans-scale modeling for biomaterials
Yueguang Wei
Numerical Modelling of Mechanical Response of Fibrous Materials under Out-of-Plane Loading
Emrah Sozumert, Emrah Demirci, Memis Acar, Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Vadim V. Silberschmidt
Experimental characterization and numerical simulation of Inconel 718 under large plastic deformation
Cutting force and friction characterisation of a valve seat cutting process involving p-cBN tools, an experimental and numerical analysis
James Fletcher, Emrah Demirci, Vadim V. Silberschmidt
What matters the most in 3D printing is to be connected: proof from the simulation
Sofiane Guessasma, Sofiane Belhabib, Hedi Nouri
Study on necking propagation of double network hydrogel
Isamu Riku, Koji Mimura

MS-018 Application and theory of mesh-free methods engineering and scientific problems

Keynote: A fast block-greedy algorithm for quasi-optimal meshless trial subspace selection
Leevan Ling
Computation and use of the Laurent series of the inverse in RBF-FD problems
Manuel Kindelan, Pedro Gonzalez-Rodriguez
Development and application of the 3D-SPH surface erosion model to simulate multiple and overlapping impacts by angular particles
Xiangwei Dong, Zengliang Li
Study on post-failure evolution of underwater landslide with SPH method
Yi An
Three-dimensional analysis of functionally graded thermo-piezoelectricity problems by the local radial basis function collocation method
Hubert Hsueh-Hsien Lu, Der-Liang Young, Jan Sladek, Vladimir Sladek
A Reduced Meshless Collocation Method for Partial Differential Equations on Irregular Domains
Alfa Heryudono
A Localized Kansa's Method for Phonon Boltzmann Transport Equation in Six-Dimensional Space
Guangming Yao, Wen Li, Ming-C Cheng
A Meshless Numerical Model with Flux Limiter for Two-dimensional Shallow Water Equations
Po-Wei Li
Kernel-based Collocation Method for Deformable Image Registration Model
Anita Sze MUi Wong
Using the enriched radial basis function in solving the singular sudden expansion incompressible fluid flow problem
Tak Sing Li

MS-020 Computational Methods for Intelligent Systems

Simulation of the Interaction between Transportation Network and Power Grid Mediated by Electric Vehicles
Hideaki Uchida, Hideki Fujii, Shinobu Yoshimura

MS-021 Computational Methods for Internet, networks and Security

Richard Hurley

MS-022 Software Development and Coding Techniques

Perspective into Model-based Genetic Programming
Pei He

MS-024 Computational Methods for Images, Graphics, and 4D-Data

3D Cloud Data and Triangle Faces Compressed by Novel Geometry Minimization Algorithm and Compared with other 3D formats
Mohammed M. Siddeq, Prof. Marcos A. Rodrigues
New time-frequency representations based on the morphological pattern spectrum for bearing fault diagnosis
Jingwei Gao, Liang Tao, Min Zhang, Rui Zhang

MS-025 Computational Methods for Business Operations

Newtonian Gravitational Force for predicting Distribution Centre Location of a Supply Chain Network
Gbolasere Amidu A. Akanmu, Frank Z Wang
The Effects of Quality and Shortages on the Economic Production Quantity Model in a Two-Layer Supply Chain
Abdul-Nasser El-Kassar

MS-026 Numerical Modelling of Composite Structures Subjected to Extreme Loading Conditions

Damage and failure prediction in Alumina Tri-Hydrate/Epoxy core composite sandwich panels subjected to impact loads
morada Ghodratollah, Aymen Marouene, Rim Ouadday, Aurelian Vadean, Rachid Boukhili

MS-027 Computational Methods for Sound and Vibration

A spectral element analysis of sound transmission through metallic sandwich plates with adhesively-bonded corrugated cores
Hao sen Yang, Heow-Pueh Lee, Hui Zheng
Keynote: Design of Sonic Crystal Windows for meeting the Trio Challenges of Providing Natural Ventilation, Daylight and Noise Mitigation
Heow-Pueh LEE
Non Linear Strain Integral Damping (S.I.D.)
ugo alfredo Tornar
Phononic band structure analysis of SH waves in nanoscale multilayered piezoelectric structures using radial basis function method with imperfect interface
Zhizhong Yan, Chunqiu Wei, Chuanzeng Zhang
Modeling Complex Dynamical Systems in MF Range Combining FEM and Energy Methods
Gerard Borello
Numerical Simulation of Sound Attenuation by Sonic Crystals
Kian Meng Lim, Heow Pueh Lee, Boo Cheong Khoo
Prediction of the bending behavior of natural fiber composites based on multi-scale FEA analysis
Yucheng Zhong, Tran Le Quan Ngoc, Umeyr Kureemun, Heow Pueh Lee
An Application of the Method of Groebner Bases to a Geometrically Non-linear Free Vibration Analysis of Composite Plates
Aravind Shanmugasundaram, Y. Jane Liu, John Peddieson
Vibration localization and snaking phenomenon in friction-excited cyclic symmetric oscillators chains
Antonio Papangelo

MS-028 Phase-field Method: Theory, Algorithm and Application

Keynote: Phase-Field Method of Li Dendrite Formation during Electrodeposition
Lei Chen
Modeling and simulation of three-component flows on solid surface

MS-029 Methods for Multi-Phase Flows

Keynote: A Numerical Study of Compressible Two-Phase Flows Shock and Expansion Tube Problems
Dia Zeidan
Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin method in solving compressible two-medium flow
Haitian Lu, Ning Zhao
Artificial viscosity based on the subcell-edged approximate Riemann solver
Chuanlei Zhai
Droplet impact and evaporation on a porous surface
Gihun Son
An Interpolative Particle Level Set Method
Lindsay Crowl Erickson
Multiphase Flows of N (N>=2) Immiscible Incompressible Fluids: Physical Formulation and Numerical Algorithm
Suchuan Dong
A Second Order Self-Consistent IMEX Method for Multi-Phase Flow Problems
Samet Y Kadioglu
Euler-Lagrangian Simulation of Multiphase Plumes in Stratified Flows
Ruo-Qian Wang, Rui Sun, Heng Xiao

MS-030 Computational Acoustics and Elastodynamics in Solids and Structures

Keynote: An Efficient Method for Simulating Free Waves in Multiferroic Laminates
Weiqiu Chen
Keynote: Dynamic crack analysis of fiber reinforced piezoelectric composites by a Galerkin BEM
Michael Wünsche
Invited: Analysis of magnetoelectric effect in mulitferroic nano-laminate with flexoelectricity
Chunli Zhang
Invited: Acoustic simulation using a gradient-weighted finite element method
Gang Wang, Xiangyang Cui, Guangyao Li
Design of porous phononic crystals with combined band gaps
Yang Fan LI, Xiaodong Huang, Shiwei Zhou
Transition of buckling patterns and its effects on elastic wave propagation in lattice structures
Yilan Huang, Ronghao Bao, Weiqiu Chen

MS-033 Fluid-Structure Interaction and Multiphysics Problems in Aerospace Engineering

Investigation of the Satellite Attitude Control System Performance Using as Actuator Reaction Wheels
Luiz Carlos Gadelha Souza
Seismic resistance for high-rise buildings using water tanks considering the liquid - tank wall interaction
Bui Tuong
Development of Integrated Fluid-Solid Interaction Models for Parametric Aeroelastic Analysis
Pankaj Kumar, Nishant Mishra, Praveen Laws, Santanu Mitra

MS-034 Multiscale Modelling of Advanced Engineering Materials and Structures

Stochastic homogenization in the framework of domain decomposition to evaluate effective elastic properties of random composite materials : application to a 2D case of fiber composites
philippe KARAMIAN
Analytical Investigation on removable reduced link sections for EBFs
Daniel Yeshewawork Abebe, Gyumyong Gwak, Sijeong Jeong, Jaehyouk Choi
Analytical Investigation on Hysteretic Characteristics of Buckling Resistance Steel Damper
SI JEONG JEONG, Daniel Y. Abebe, Gyu-myong Gwak, Jaehyouk Choi
Multi-scale modeling using the dual domain material point method combined with molecular dynamics
Tilak Raj Dhakal

MS-036 Numerical methods for structural dynamics, control and health monitoring

Keynote: A Novel Fast Model Predictive Control with Actuator Saturation for Large-Scale Structures
Haijun Peng, Fei Li, Sheng Zhang, Biaosong Chen
Invited: Damage Location Identification of Simply Supported Steel Truss Bridge Based on Displacement
Shaopu Yang, Jianying Ren, Shaohua LI
Analysis of the first modal shape using case studies
Alexandre de Macêdo Wahrhaftig
Gust effect factors and natural sway frequencies of trees for wind load estimation
Seung-Hoon Shin, Il-Min Kang, Seong-Geun Park, Yu-Hyun Lee, Kyung-Jae Shin, Whajung Kim, Hongjin Kim
Stability Investigation of Direct Integration Algorithms Using Lyapunov-Based Approaches
Study on Collapse Mechanism and Stability Technology of Furrow Pit High Slope
Ying Qin

MS-037 Multilevel direct and iterative solvers for linear systems: theory and applications

Keynote: Multigrid Reduction in Time: A flexible and scalable approach to parallel-in-time
Jacob B Schroder
A fast approximate hierarchical solver for dense linear systems
Pieter Coulier, Hadi Pouransari, Eric Darve
Using low-rank approximation techniques for engineering problems.
Julie Anton, Cleve Ashcraft, Pierre L'Eplattenier, Roger Grimes, Francois-Henry Rouet, Clément Weisbecker
Multilevel Variable-Block Schur-Complement Based Preconditioning on Accelerators
Bruno Carpentieri, Masha Sosonkina, Jia Liao
Application of Task Parallel Direct Solvers in Domain Decomposition Preconditioners
Clark Dohrmann
HiCMA: Hierarchical Computations on Manycore Architectures library
Hatem Ltaief
Multilevel Hierarchical Solvers for Sparse Linear Systems
Kai Yang, Eric Darve, Hadi Pouransari

MS-038 Computational Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Tissues

Prediction of contact stress distribution after periacetabular osteotomy by finite element contact analysis
Xian Chen, Taro Mawatari, Fei Jiang, Junji Ohgi

MS-039 Advanced Computational Methods for Soft Matters

A parametrically time-dependent Boundary Element approach for reciprocating contact mechanics between viscoelastic solids
Carmine Putignano

MS-040 Multi-scale Computational Mechanics for Heterogeneous Materials

On a numerical DEM-based approach for assessing thermoelastic properties of composite materials
Willy Leclerc
Concurrent Multiscale Modeling of Microstructural Eects on Localization Behavior in Finite Deformation Solid Mechanics
Coleman Alleman
Numerical analysis on the reliability of characterizing dynamic mechanical properties of metal foam by SHPB test
Liqun Tang
Development of a cellular automaton for a better consideration of neighborhood effect in polycrystals - Comparison with finite element method
Remy Bretin

MS-041 Advances in Simulation for Marine and Offshore Applications

Keying process of OMNI-Max anchor in undrained NC clay
Jun Liu
Particle Simulation considering the Sand-Scale-Effect for Scour behind the Breakwater due to Tsunami with Hydraulic Experiment
Kojiro Suzuki
Flow simulation around a rotating propeller with dynamic overset grid approach
Hiroshi KOBAYASHI, Kunihide Ohashi
Dynamic Analysis of Heat Exchanger Piles for Offshore Wind Turbines
Arundhuti Banerjee

MS-042 Recent Advances In Meshfree and Particle Methods

Keynote: Numerical Analysis of Flooding using Explicit Moving Particle Simulation
Seiichi Koshizuka
An ALE particle method using WENO interpolation
Fangyuan Hu, Seiichi Koshizuka
A 3-D Meshfree Numerical Model to Analyze Cellular Scale Shrinkage of Different Categories of Fruits and Vegetables during Drying
Charith Malinga Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage, Helambage Chaminda Prasad Karunasena, Yuan Tong Gu, Lisa Guan, Jasmine Banks, Wijitha Senadeera
Particle Method Simulation of Wave Impact on Structures
Min Luo, Chan Ghee Koh
Keynote: Smoothed particle hydrodynamics method for elastic-plastic analysis –Application of multi-linear constitutive equation-
Seiya Hagihara

MS-043 Modeling and Simulation of Cellular Migration: from Molecules to Multiple Cells

Keynote: Computer simulation of cellular shape based on elastic deformation
Ken-ichi Tsubota
Keynote: The Effects of Microgrooved Structures on Cell shape and Actomyosin Organization
Hiromi Miyoshi, Miki Nishimura, Yutaka Yamagata, Hao Liu, Yasuyoshi Watanabe, Michiko Sugawara
Invited: Rheotaxis of a sperm cell in shear flow near an infinite plane wall
toshihiro omori
Anomalous diffusion and FRAP dynamics in the random comb model
Santos B. Yuste, Enrique Abad, Artur Baumgaertner

MS-044 Advances in the BEM and Other Related Mesh-Reduction Methods

Keynote: The Integrated Unit Method in BEM Analysis of Spatially Periodical Structures
Xiao-Wei Gao
Keynote: An Accelerated Grid-based BEM for Geometrically Nonlinear Elastic Problems
Yani Deng, Wenjing Ye, Leonard Gray
Invited: Three-dimensional meso-scale modelling of concrete using a finite element-scaled boundary finite coupled method
Yujie Huang, Zhenjun Yang, Guohua Liu
Estimates of the coefficients in the BEM matrices for 3-D potential problems
Yijun Liu
A new BEM for solving multi-medium transient heat conduction
Weizhe Feng, Kai Yang, Haifeng Peng, Xiaowei Gao
An Overview of Numerical Methods
GR Liu

MS-045 Knowledge Based Artificial Intelligence Applied To Computer Aided Engineering

Keynote: Automatic Programming Via Text Mapping To Expert System Rules
Pedro Vicente Marcal
A Domain Language for Constructive Block Topology for Hexa Mesh Generation
Robert Rainsberger
Model Free Deep Learning With Deferred Rewards For Maintenance Of Complex Systems
Alan DeRossett, Pedre V Marcal

MS-046 Smoothed Finite Element Methods: Theory and Applications

Keynote: F-bar aided edge-based smoothed finite element methods with 4-node tetrahedral elements for static large deformation hyperelastic and elastoplastic problems
Yuki Onishi, Ryoya Iida, Kenji Amaya
Seyoung Im, Seungmin Jin, Jungdo Kim, Hobeom Kim, Chan Lee
Performance Evaluation of Various Smoothed Finite Element Methods with Tetrahedral Elements in Large Deformation Dynamic Analysis
Ryoya IIDA, Yuki Onishi, Kenji Amaya
An Average Nodal Pressure Face-based Smoothed Finite Element Method (FS-FEM) for 3D nearly-incompressible solids
Chen Jiang
A cell-based smoothed finite element method for free vibration analysis of a rotating plate
chaofan du

MS-047 Innovative Techniques and their Applications to Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems

Keynote: Study of Airfoil Leading Edge Separation Control Using Pulsed Nanosecond Plasma Actuator
Boo-Cheong Khoo, Jianguo Zheng
Keynote: A Variational Positivity Preserving Technique for Detached Eddy Simulation and Fluid-Structure Interaction
Rajeev Kumar Jaiman
Modeling of blood rheology by modified Immersed Finite Element Method with an adhesive contact mechanics formulation
Xiang Liu, Sheng Li Liu, Wen Qi Liu
Jairo F. Useche

MS-048 Advances in Numerical Methods for Multiple Inclusion Problems

Keynote: Interaction of SH waves with various types of multiple multilayered anisotropic inclusions using parallel volume integral equation method
Jungki Lee

MS-049 Computational errors and their evaluation, from theory to engineering practice

Keynote: A general rule for the effect of arbitrary damping on the numerical stability of time integration analyses
Aram Soroushian
Interval-based analysis and word-length optimization of non-linear systems with control-flow structures
Juan Antonio Lopez Martin

MS-050 Multiphysics Computation and Applications

Keynote: Equilibrium Morphology of Misfit Particles in Elastically Stressed Solids under Chemo-Mechanical Equilibrium Conditions
Jianmin Qu
Keynote: Accelerated multi-temporal scale approach to fatigue failure prediction
Rui Zhang, Lihua Wen, Jinyou Xiao, Dong Qian
Florian Bernard, Alexia de Brauer, Angelo Iollo, Thomas Milcent, Haysam Telib
An Euler-Lagrange Approach to Model the Dynamics of Particulate Phase Exposed to Hot Gas Injection into Packed Bed Reactors
Edder Jose Rabadan Santana, Bernhard Peters
Modeling of a Blast Furnace with Both CFD and Thermodynamics Principles
Sheldon X. Wang, Tomas Grejtak
Numerical Simulation of Raceway Formation in Blast Furnace
Chenn Zhou
Numerical instability of staggered electromagnetic and structural coupled analysis using time integration method with numerical damping
Tomoya Niho, Tomoyoshi Horie, Junpei Uefuji, Daisuke Ishihara
Tuning the wettability of nanoporous materials for active fluidic control
Yahui Xue, Xiying Li, Huiling Duan

MS-051 Direct Methods: Computations and Applications

Keynote: The equilibrium cell-based smooth finite element method for shakedown analysis of structures
Canh Le
An Assessment of the Lanczos-based Algorithm to Improve the Determination of Distance Distributions by Pulsed Dipolar ESR Spectroscopy
Yun-Wei Chiang
A comprehensive numerical simulation of steel-concrete composite beam incorporating compression failure of concrete
Mahendra Kumar Pal, Takuzo Yamashita, Tomoshi Miyamura, Makoto Ohsaki

MS-052 Numerical Methods in Financial Engineering and Risk Management

Efficient computation of the tangency portfolio by linear programming
Wlodzimierz Ogryczak

MS-054 Failure and instabilities in soft materials and geomaterials

Keynote: Micro-mechanical constitutive formulation of strain-induced crystallization in soft rubber-like materials
Reza Rastak, Christian Linder
Keynote: An assumed enhanced strain method for modeling hydraulic fracture propagation
Joshua Alexander White, Wei Wang
Keynote: An unified variational eigen-erosion framework for interacting fracture and compaction band in brittle porous media
Kun Wang, WaiChing Sun
A stabilized equal order finite element method for coupled diffusion and large deformation of hydrogels
Nikolaos Bouklas, WaiChing Sun

MS-055 Structural uncertainty analysis and design

Sequential Stochastic Response SurfaceMethod using Moving Least Square based Sparse Grid for Efficient Reliability Analysis
Amit Kumar Rathi, Sudhi P V Sharma, Arunasis Chakraborty
Reliability-based design optimization using step length adjustment algorithm
Ping Yi

MS-056 Modeling and Characterization of Nanocomposites

The extended Timoshenko beam element in finite element analysis for the investigation of size effects
Dingjie Lu

MS-057 Advanced modelling and simulation of linear and nonlinear dynamic systems

Keynote: Large time steps in the explicit formulation of transient heat transfer problems
Eric Li, ZC He
High-order algorithms for nonlinear problems and numerical instability
José Elias Laier
parameters of bowel movement
omar kamel alqatrawi
A fundamental study for the beat phenomenon in metal nanowires
Zhuoqun Zheng, Xu Xu
Research on testability modeling and health monitoring of aircrafts
Lijun Song, Shigang Zhang

MS-058 Computational Methods for Model Reduction and its Engineering Applications

A hybrid POD-CFD approach for gust computations
Michel Bergmann, Andrea Ferrero, Angelo Iollo

MS-060 CFD of turbulence for applied, industrial, or environmental flows

Keynote: Simulation of wave effects on turbulence
Lian Shen, Anqing Elliott Xuan, Tao Cao
Keynote: Application of Agglomeration Multigrid Method in GSM-CFD Solver
Jianyao Yao
Keynote: LES of oscillating boundary layers under surface cooling
Andres Tejada-Martinez
Invited: Self-propulsive Simulation of ONR Tumblehome using Dynamic Overset Grid Method in OpenFOAM
Jianhua Wang, Decheng Wan
Numerical Validation and Analysis of the Semi-submersible Platform of the DeepCwind Floating Wind Turbine based on CFD
Ke Xia, Decheng Wan
Numerical Study on Ship Motion Coupled with LNG tank Sloshing Using Dynamic Overset Grid Approach
Yuan Zhuang, Decheng Wan
Jianlong Chang
Research on complex hydrodynamic interaction when UUV recovered by submarine
Luo Yang
Numerical investigation of different tip clearances effect on the performance of Pumpjet Propulsor
Qin Denghui
Large-Eddy Simulation of Porous-Like Canopy Forest Flows Using Real Field Measurement Data for Wind Energy Application
Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Flows by SST Model with An Algebraic Distance
Hongwei Zheng

MS-061 Structural optimization methods and applications

Keynote: An Improved Method of Continuum Topology Optimization Subjected to Frequency Constraints Based on Indenpendent Continuous Topological Variables
Hongling Ye, W. W. Wang, Y.K. Sui
Keynote: Topology optimization of multi-material structures with interface strength constraints
Zhan Kang, Pai Liu
Hull form optimization based on a NM+CFD integrated method for KCS
Aiqing Miao, Decheng Wan
Designing photonic crystals with complete band gaps
Fei Meng, Shuo Li, Baohua Jia, Xiaodong Huang
Optimal design of a fiber reinforced membrane
Mirza Cenanovic, David Samvin, Kaveh Amouzgar, Anders Klarbring
A model-based optimization approach for ultrasonic transducers for selective guided wave generation in complex media
Pawel Packo, Mateusz Miszczynski, Paulina Zbyrad, Tadeusz Stepinski, Tadeusz Uhl, Jerzy Lis
Application of a grey-based Taguchi method for optimizing calendering process
Sang Hoon Lee, Sangyoon Lee
Design of acoustic metamaterial using level set-based topology optimization
Yuki Noguchi, Takayuki Yamada, Takashi Yamamoto, Kazuhiro Izui, Shinji Nishiwaki
Topology Optimization of Nanoscale Heat Conduction with the Boltzmann Transport Equation
Kozo Furuta, Kazuhiro Izui, Mitsuhiro Matsumoto, Takayuki Yamada, Shinji Nishiwaki
Optimization of stiffened composite plate using adjusted different evolution algorithm
Thuan Lam-Phat, Son Nguyen-Hoai, Vinh Ho-Huu, Trung Nguyen-Thoi
Topology Optimization of the Interior Structure of Blades with Optimized Outer Surface by External Flows
GR Liu

MS-062 Advanced Modeling and Simulation for Dynamics and Control

Keynote: Numerical modeling of non-Fourier thermal damage with time-dependent laser heat source
wenhua wu
Invited: The thermal induced vibration analysis of tethered solar power satellites on the geo-synchronous orbit
Zhiqin Cai, Lijun Zhao, Jinying Wu
Invited: A new pattern for controlling pressure in earth chamber in shield tunneling and its experimental investigation
ying feng, Shouju Li, zichang shangguan
An original DEM bearing model with electromechanical coupling
charles machado, Stéphanie Baudon, Mohamed Guessasma, Valéry Bourny, Jérôme Fortin, Robert Bouzerar, Paul Maier
Finite Element Simulation of the Device CAR1 on Braced Frames
Magdalini Titirla

MS-063 Computational modelling for environmental and water resources engineering applications

Keynote: Large Eddy Simulations of Stratified Engineering Turbulence
Adrian Wing-Keung Law
Keynote: Tuning water transport in graphene layers via channel morphology modification
Bo Liu, Renbing Wu, Adrian Wing-Keung Law, Xi-Qiao Feng, Kun Zhou
Computational Hydraulic Modeling with UPC Architecture
Tung T. Vu, Adrian Wing-Keung Law
Pore-scale simulation of granular filtration flows
Adrian Wing-Keung Law, Alvin Chew
Keynote: Implementation of the Parareal Algorithm to Optimize Nanoparticle Transport in Porous Media Simulation
Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, Akhil Waghmare

MS-064 Structural damage by internal/external explosion

Keynote: A simulation strategy for prediction of debris due to internal explosion of an earth-covered magazine
Sau Cheong Fan
Keynote: Modelling of residual capacity of slabs damaged by combined impact and blast loading
Paolo Del Linz
Numerical Simulation for Combined Blast and Fragment Effects on RC slabs
Shengrui Lan
Concepts of Coupled FEA-CFD Analyses for Vehicle Structures under High-Pressure Shock Compression
Arash Ramezani
Simplified nonlinear progressive collapse analysis of steel moment frames considering floor slab effects
Seonwoong Kim

MS-065 Inverse problems in Engineering

Heat flux identification using reduced model and the adjoint method. Application to a brake disk rotating at variable velocity
Sylvain CARMONA, Yassine ROUIZI, Olivier QUEMENER, Frédéric JOLY
Minimum volume of the longitudinal fin with rectangular and triangular profile by a modified Newton-Raphson method
Quan Nguyen, Son Hoai Nguyen, Tuan Quoc Nguyen
Computational inverse method of fatigue dissipated energy parameters under fatigue dynamic damage
Yuan LI
A numerical solution on inverse fuzzy convection-diffusion heat transfer problem
Ruifei Peng, Haitian Yang

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