Presentations and Authors

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Plenary Lecture & Thematic Plenary Lecture (by invitation only)

PL: Smart structures: From 3D to 4D printing
Daining Fang
PL: Integration of digital design and additive manufacturing process workflow
Keng Hui Lim
PL: Industrial Application of Moving Particle Semi-implicit Method for Fluid Dynamics
Seiichi Koshizuka
TPL: Numerical modelling of the mechanics of off-shore structures
Nicholas Fantuzzi
TPL: Global-element-based free element method
Xiao-Wei Gao
TPL: An Isogeometric Variational Method for Analysis of Structural-acoustic Coupling Systems with Arbitrary Bounded Domains
Hui Zheng, Yongzhen Mi
TPL: Virtual Models for Processing and Testing
Sridhar Narayanaswamy
TPL: Smoothed Finite Element Methods: Recent Academic/Practical Progress
Yuki Onishi
TPL: The immersed smoothed point interpolation method (IS-PIM) for fluid-structure interaction problems
Guiyong Zhang
TPL: SPH modeling and experimental verification of entire process of landslides triggered by earthquakes based on a unified constitutive model
Yu Huang
TPL: Topology optimisation for crash and blast loading
Qing Li, Guangyong Sun, Jianguang Fang, Shujuan Hou, Guangyong Li, Xu Han

MS-000 Gereral Papers

Three-dimensional computer reconstruction of the airway- and the vascular systems of the lung of the domestic fowl, Gallus gallus variant domesticus
Jeremy D. Woodward, Yolanda Ramonisi, Reatlegile Mashiteng, Lolo Mokae, John N Maina
Combination of Independent Component Analysis and Singular Value Decomposition for emotional EEG source localization
Wenhui Sun, Wenchao Li, Zhao Lv
Compressive behaviors of porous graphene aerogel and its application in high performance supercapacitor
fei dang
An improved reflectance prediction model for halftone printing dot based on Monte Carlo method
Honghao Liu, Kaixing Zhang, Xianxi Liu, Heow Pueh Lee
A stochastic B-spline wavelet on the interval finite element method for elastic buckling of columns
Shashank Vadlamani, Arun C.O.
Keynote: Deep learning methods for structure and metamaterial design
Wenjing Ye
Invited: Dynamic Response of Mechanical Metamaterials
Ruijie Lin, Zishun Liu
Optimization Research of Fertilizer Guiding Mechanism Based on the Discrete Element Method
HongJian Zhang, Yufeng Li, Jinxing Wang, Kaixing Zhang, Shuangxi Liu
In-plane and out-of-plane compressive mechanical properties of Nomex honeycombs based on simulation
zhejun feng
Wrinkle generation mechanism during Rotary-Draw Bending Forming
Xia Zhu
Physics, Geometric, Material Model, and Experimental Considerations for Exploding Wire Simulation Validation
Christopher Joseph Garasi
Blood flow simulation of left ventricle and aorta with translation motion
MASASHI YAMAKAWA, Yuto Yoshimi, Shinichi Asao, Kyohei Tajiri
An efficient multiscale model to simulate the motion of particulate matter in the human airways
Zhenya Fan, David Holmes, Emilie Sauret, Mohammad S. Islam, Suvash C. Saha, Zoran Ristovski, YuanTong Gu
3D Nonlinear random vibrations of cable-moored offshore floating structures under wave excitation
Kun Wang, Guo-Kang Er, Zhihui Zhu, Vai Pan Iu
Investigation on the Aged Red Blood Cell Removal Process within the Spleen, A Review
Dinushika Madushani Wickramasingha Karandeniya
A Multidisciplinary Computational Model for Durability Assessment of Ice-phobic Coating in Aerospace
Zhi-Qian Zhang
On the heat conduction in micro-periodic laminate: uncertainty of material properties
Piotr Ostrowski, Jarosław Jędrysiak
Heat Transfer in Periodic Laminated Layer – Robin Boundary Conditions
Ewelina Pazera, Piotr Ostrowski
Data Management Challenges of Exascale Scientific Simulations: A Case Study with the Gyrokinetic Toroidal Code and ADIOS
Lipeng Wan, Kshitij V. Mehta, Scott A. Klasky, Matthew Wolf, H. Y. Wang, W. H. Wang, J. C. Li, Zhihong Lin
On the circular logarithm: uncorrelated mathematical models solved in the 0 to 1 interval
Yi-Ping Wang, Hongxuan Wang
Chemical structure and adhesion of DLC film with amorphous SiC interlayer
Xia Zhu
Morphological Rank-Space Segmentation of Clumped Filaments in Fluorescence Microscopy Imagery
Yongjian Yu, Jue Wang
Solution to Internal wave induced by two point vortexes
A Mesh Refinement Algorithm for Mixed Boundary Value Elastic Problems
Md Abdus Salam Akanda, Aminul Islam Khan

MS-001 Theory and Formulation for Novel Computational Methods

Application of the R-function Theory for the Bending Problem of Shallow Spherical Shells with Concave Boundary
Hong Yuan
High-order Multiphase Flow Numerical Simulation with Pseudo Arc-length Method
Zhang Hetao, Ning Jianguo
Keynote: A novel perspective of the scale-law of elastic moduli and polymer fraction in soft materials (hydrogel)
Ziqian Li
A novel theory of beam and plate and the finite element implementation
Yongle PEI, Peishuai Geng, Luxian Li
Element Differential Method for Piezoelectric Problems
Jun Lv, Minjie Shao, Miao Cui, Xiaowei Gao
Keynote: Calculation of the approximate upper bound of knockdown factors for cylindrical shells based on the Willis-form finite element method
Yixiao Sun, Zhihai Xiang
Adaptive and Parallel Local Mesh Generation Method and its Application
Weiwei Zhang
Super conforming mixed element in dynamic analysis
XiangRong Fu, Pu Chen, ShuLi Sun, MingWu Yuan
Effect of creep deformation on thermal-fatigue life of solder connections
Xu Long, Junmeng Xu, Wenbin Tang
Experimental acquisition of joint stiffness of a six-axis tandem robot and discussion of a macroscopic accurate modal analysis method
Pengfei Xu, Shuyong Duan
A combined deep learning for detection vascular of small bowel
Yingkai Guo

MS-002 Advances in polygonal and polyhedral finite elements

Keynote: Polytopal composite finite elements
Nguyen-Xuan Hung

MS-003 Computational Damage and Fracture Modeling in Solids and Structures

Keynote: Particle Simulation of Modern Mechanical Fastening Processes and Their Failure Analyses in Automotive Applications
Xiaofei Pan, Wei Hu, Youcai Wu
Invited: Modeling and Simulation of Fracture and Failure in Hypervelocity Impact
Martin Oliver Steinhauser
An advanced finite elemet method for three-dimensional V-shape corners in a hole defect
Xuecheng Ping, Yuxuan Zhang, Zhongmin Xiao
Modeling penny-shaped crack using a single high order smooth element
Hang Ma, Donghong He, Zhao Guo
Numerical simulation for crack instabilities in quenched glass plates
Sayako Hirobe, Kenji Oguni
Application of PDS-FEM to the Simulation of Dynamic Crack Propagation and Supershear Rupture
Lionel Quaranta, Lalith Wijerathne, Tomoo Okinaka, Muneo Hori
Temperature Control Simulation and Stability Analysis of Diversion Tunnel Plug for Hydropower Project
Analysis of Cracked Body Strengthened by Adhesively Bonded Patches by BEM-FEM Coupling
Jaroon Rungamornrat, Binh Viet Pham, Binh Thai Nguyen
Mechanics analysis of widespread corrosion-damaged structure based on ES-PIM
Keliang Ren(Corresponding author), Jimin LI( presenting author), Hua JI, Ting WANG, Lihong DING, Jia YANG
Modeling the effect of drying shrinkage-induced damage on coupled moisture and chloride transport in concrete structures
Mohamed Abdelrahman, Yunping Xi
Fatigue life estimation of riveted joints using crack growth concept
Jakub Sedek
The Problem of Static Equilibrium in Computational Methods Coupling Classical Mechanics and Peridynamics
Ugo Galvanetto, Tao Ni, Greta Ongaro, Pablo Seleson, Mirco Zaccariotto
Damage and Fracture of Titanium alloys under dynamic loading
Vladimir V. Skripnyak, Vladimir A. Skripnyak, Evgeniya G. Skripnyak
Phase field modeling of the crack propagation within multilayer HTS thin films under mechanical-thermal-electromagnetic multi-physical fields
Ze Jing
A Bézier Extraction based XIGA Approach for Vibration Analysis of Cracked FGM Plate using Simple First-Order Shear Deformation Theory
Sunil Kumar Singh, Indra Vir Singh, Bhanu Kumar Mishra

MS-004 Multiscale Approaches Bridging Atomistic and Continuum Domains

Multi-scale strengthening and toughening mechanism for graphene derived layer-by-layer materials
Jingran Liu, Huasong Qin, Yilun Liu
Thermo-mechanical coupling model for metallic crystalline materials at micro-nano scale
Jieqiong Zhang
Stochastic multiscale heat transfer analysis of heterogeneous materials with multiple random configurations
Zihao Yang
Numerical simulation of mechanical behavior of knitted textiles at meso- and macro- scales
Huy Do, Oliver Weeger, Yu Han Quek, Nathalie Ramos, Josef Kiendl, Kenneth Joseph Tracy
A Simplified a Posteriori Error Estimation for a Consistent Atomistic-to-continuum Coupling Method in 2D
Hao Wang, Mingjie Liao, Ping Lin

MS-005 Methods for Multi-Phase Flows

Implementation of a conservative cut cell method for the simulation of two-phase cavitating flows
Yiannis Panayiotis Vrionis, Konstantinos Samouchos, Kyriakos Giannakoglou
Keynote: Non-Equilibrium Two-Phase Flow Computations by a Mixture Model
Eric Goncalves, Dia Zeidan, Lukas van Gemmeren, Peer Ueberholz, Peter Farber, Jens Gräbel
The pulsation of a bubble generated by an airgun with one open end
Shi-Ping Wang, A-Man Zhang

MS-006 Optimization of structures and materials

Topology Optimization of Channel Cooling Structures with Simplified Thermofluidic Models
Mingdong Zhou
Using material removal scheme of BESO for hole nucleation in level set based topology optimization of multi-material structures
Qi Xia
An Effective POD-based ROM for Harmonic Response Analysis and Optimization of Stiffened Shells
Yuwei Li, Bo Wang, Peng Hao, Kuo Tian
Keynote: Design of elastic wave metasurfaces using topology optimization
Junjie Rong, Wenjing Ye
Band Gap Analysis and Optimal Design of Elastic Metamaterials
kepeng qiu, Jianqiang Jin
Post Processing of Optimization Baesd on Truss-Like Material Model
Kemin ZHOU
Differential evolution algorithm for optimization of functionally graded cylindrical panels based buckling analysis
Pham Toan Thang, Eun-A Sim, Jeomin Oh, Nguyen Van Nam, Huynh Nhat Thanh, Jaehong Lee
Deep learning used in optimization problems
HAU TIEN MAI, Sangeun Park, Taeseop Kim, Tuan Anh Nguyen, Ngoc Tan Nguyen, Jeahong Lee
A high-efficient topology optimization using a triple acceleration method
Yingjun Wang
Hydraulic-Thermal Analysis and Optimization for a Circumferentially Grooved Seal Based on Bulk Flow Theory
Yuefang Wang, Xiaojian Cao
The Application of SPTA in Large-Scale Complex Engineering Optimization
caihua zhou, Haixin Zhao, Tong Li, Bo Wang
Keynote: Multi-material Topology optimization Considering Material Interfaces
Zhan Kang
A multi-material topology optimization method considering enclosed feature
Yingchun BAI, Shuai Zhang, Hongshuai Lei, Cheng Lin
Minimizing stress concentration around the voids by location optimization
Dedao Liu, Louis Chiu, Wenyi Yan
Crashworthiness optmization of composite tubes by experiments and simulations
Zheyi Zhang
Invited: Crashworthiness Optimization: Materials, Structures, and Vehicle Bodies
Shujuan Hou
Keynote: A Data-Driven Inverse Identification of Parameters for Composite Laminated
S.Y. Duan, Zhanming Zhang, X. Han, G.R. Liu
Topology-Microstructure concurrent design optimization method for multiscale structures with variable microstructural scale
Rui Xu, Shutian Liu, Quhao Li, Renjing Gao
A compressed collaborative evolutionary algorithm based on AAP and BESO for multi-material topology optimization
Xiaokai Chen, Siqi Li, Yingchun Bai, Chao Li
Optimum design of columella in sound conduction reconstruction of human middle ear
Yang Liu

MS-007 Particle Based Methods

Keynote: Comparative study of molecular dynamics and material point method for simulating failure evolution
Zhen Chen
Keynote: Staggered Grid Material Point Method and Its Applications
Yong Liang, Lei Kan, Xiong Zhang
Global Particle-in-Cell Simulation of Fusion Plasmas
Zhihong Lin, Scott A. Klasky
Invited: Preliminary analysis of hydro-mechanical coupling B-spline material point method for ionic rare earth in-situ leaching landslide
Zheng Sun, Xiaomin Zhou
Keynote: A discrete element-material point coupling method for impact with multiple particles
Yan Liu, Chenyang Xu
Keynote: The size dependence of the mechanical property of the single-layer molybdenum disulfide (MoS2)
Hongfei Ye, Dong Li, Junfei Zhao, Yonggang Zheng, Hongwu Zhang, Zhen Chen
Coupling Single-/Multi-Component Lattice Boltzmann and Material Point Method for Fluid-Solid Interaction Problems
Yu Liu, Hongfei Ye, Hongwu Zhang, Yonggang Zheng
Invited: Numerical investigation of water-running locomotion in the basilisk lizard using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Dean Hu, Chen Zhuang, Gang Yang, Xu Han
Research on the similarity of tire spray caused by rolling in the water and falling into water
Xianpeng Zhang, Fei Xu, Xuanqi Ren, Xiangyang Gao
A Cosserat Continuum based Implicit GIMP Method for the Thermal Induced Strain Localization Problems
Yonggang Zheng, Jun Tao, Hongwu Zhang, Zhen Chen

MS-008 Multiscale Design, Optimization and Simulation of Novel Materials and Structures

Keynote: Design and optimization of acoustic metamaterials with efficient algorithms
Quan Bing Eric Li
Multi-scale asymptotic computations for piezoelectric modal problem of perforated composites
Qiang Ma
Flow Distribution of Hydrocarbon fuel in Parallel Channels
Min Chu
Keynote: Computations of elastic modulus of biological tissues by using the smoothed finite element methods and the particle swarm optimization
Xu Xu, Sha Wang, Eric Li
Mechanical properties of square tube reinforced with rivets using non-linear finite element method
Xinxin Wang
Mechanical performance of hierarchical metal honeycomb subjected to axial loading—numerical simulation
Zhendong Li
Keynote: Prediction of void growth and fiber volume fraction based on filament winding process mechanics
Qi Wang, Ming Fa Ren, Tong Li
Effective thermal conductivity of open-cell ceramic foams
Zi Kang Low, Nawfal Blal
Structural Design of Nonuniform Metasurface to Mimic the Defor-mation Behavior of Human Skin at Highly-Stretched Joint Area
Yafeng Han, Changmeng Liu, Shuyuan Ma, Jiping Lu, Ying Liu, Wenfeng Lu
Invited: Robust concurrent topological design of macrostructure and composite material with hybrid interval random modeled imprecise uncertainties via BESO
Zhicheng He
Design of 3D printed Dental Implants by Using Response Surface and Topological Optimization Methods
Yu-Chieh Tsai

MS-010 Solid state processing and additive manufacturing

Keynote: Numerical simulation of magnetic pulse welding process using an edge-based smoothed finite element method
Xiangyang Cui, Yongjie Pei, She Li
Application of Molecular Dynamics Simulation to Study Melt Track Size in Powder Bed Fusion
Brian Lee, Hua Li

MS-011 Advanced computational modelling of materials with microstructures

Reaction Molecular Dynamics Simulation on the Compatibility of Epoxy Resin with Oxygen under Impact Load
Tong Li
Wei Huang, François Trochu
Deformation and fracture of Ti–Nb alloys with a grain size distribution
Vladimir Albertovich Skripnyak, Natalia V. Skripnyak, Evgenia G. Skripnyak

MS-012 Computational Nanomechanics and Nanoscale Thermal Transport

Precrack fracture behaviors of van der Waals layered materials
Qin Huasong, Liu Yilun
Keynote: Mechanical Tensile Properties and Design of 3D Printed Polycaprolactone (PCL) Tubular Mesh Scaffolds
Yuantong Gu
Keynote: Mechanical Deformation of Carbon Nanothread Bundle
Haifei Zhan
Hall-Petch Effect and Dislocation Evolution in Gradient-Structured Polycrystalline Copper under Uniaxial Tension
Jia Sun, Hongfei Ye, Hongwu Zhang, Yonggang Zheng
Computational design of single- and multi-layer Transverse Flow Carbon Nanotube membrane using empirical molecular dynamics
Elisa Y.M. Ang
Keynote: Investigation of Structural and Mechanical Properties of Biomaterials and their Applications
Yuan Cheng
Influence of Surface and Couple Stresses on Response of Surface-loaded Elastic Half-plane
Toan Minh Le, Jaroon Rungamornrat, Tinh Quoc Bui
MD simulation of nanoparticle transport induced by different mechanisms
Shaohua Chen, Shuai Wang, Chao Wang, Yazheng Yang
Atomistic simulations on the fragmentation of metals under various decaying shocks
Jianli Shao

MS-013 Structural uncertainty modelling and analysis

Keynote: Unified uncertainty analysis under probability, evidence, fuzzy and interval uncertainties
Xiangyun Long, Chao Jiang, DongLin Mao
Invited: Machine learning aided structural uncertainty and reliability analysis
Wei Gao, Qihan Wang, Yuan Feng, Qingya Li, Di Wu
A marginal interval analysis method based on evidence theory for structural uncertainty propagation analysis
Lixiong Cao, Jie Liu
Accurate reliability evaluation of complex structures based on isogeometric analysis
Peng Hao, Yutian Wang, Rui Ma, Bo Wang, Gang Li
High-precision uncertainty propagation involving multimodal probability distributions
Zhe Zhang, Chao Jiang
An interval vector finite element method for eigenvalue problems of the dielectric-filled waveguide
Zhonghua Wang
Sensitivity analysis of a large-order nonlinear dynamical rotor system with parametrical uncertainties
Jin Huang
Uncertainty Analysis for Large Structure Deformation Measurement System Based on Machine Vision
Bao-Quan Shi

MS-014 Modeling on composite failures

An intermediately-homogenized electromechanical peridynamic model for damage and fracture in composites
Ziguang Chen, Yuantai Hu, Florin Bobaru

MS-015 Computational Acoustics and Elastodynamics in Solids and Structures

Radial Point Interpolation Method for Acoustic Scattering Numerical Computation
Qiang Gui, Wei Li
Keynote: A coupled “FE-Meshfree” RPIM-T3 element for two-dimensional acoustic radiation problems
Wei Li, Cong Cheng, Qiang Gui, Yingbin Chai
Invited: Numerical simulation and analysis of target strength of underwater buried objects
Jiawang Li, Wei Li
Invited: Isogeometric collocation in acoustics: higher-order boundary conditions, optimization and inverse problems
Elena Atroshchenko
A highly efficient and accurate analytical method for elastodynamic problems within the whole frequency range
Xiang Liu
Numerical model of bolt stress measurement based on acoustoelastic theory
Bo Yuan, Qingchao Sun, Shuo Zhou, Wei Sun, Xiaokai Mu
Invited: The pFFT accelerated BEM for 3-D acoustic problems
Zai-you Yan
Research on the Vibration and Noise of Surface Ships Based on Time Domain Method
Fuzhen Pang, Haichao Li, Yuhui Li, Cong Gao, Yuan Du
Keynote: Analysis of wave propagation and transient response in laminated piezoelectric cylindrical shells
Yunying Zhou
Keynote: The study of frequency-temperature behavior of SAW resonator
Hongping Hu, Yanming Zhang, Qin Qian

MS-016 Numerical methods for multiphase fluid flow and heat transfer

High-Resolution Numerical Simulation of Detonation Propagation and Dead Zones in Condensed Explosives
Ma Fanjie, Ma Tianbao
The employment of porous media model to simulate lung microwave ablation
Xiang Gao, QUN Nan
Keynote: An implicit second order immersed boundary method
Vasily Lapin, Denis Esipov, Denis Chirkov, Dmitriy Kuranakov
Study of blood flow velocity in epicardial microwave ablation of atrial fibrillation
Meng Zhang, Qun Nan

MS-017 Advanced Computational Methods for Soft Matter and Machine

Keynote: Control of small particle movement at a 90-degree corner with optimized energy consumption
Keynote: Study on the change of entangling structure of molecular chains during the tensional and swelling process of elastomeric gel
Isamu Riku
Invited: Adverse structural and biochemical effects of Alport syndrome-related missense mutations on collagen IV
Jingjie Yeo, Yimin Qiu, GangSeob Jung, Markus J. Buehler, David L. Kaplan
Invited: Central spot pattern formation under enhanced Marangoni effect
Junheng Ren, Duan Fei
Numerical simulation on multi-stimuli responsive behaviors of photo-sensitive hydrogel
Xiao Chen, Hua Li, Yong Khin Lam
A Multiphysics Model to Characterize the Mechanism of the Movement of Mimosa pudica
Yifeng Wang, Hua Li
Application of varying order B-splines discretization for accurate peeling computations
Vishal Agrawal, Saipraneeth Gouravaraju, Sachin Singh Gautam
Detection and classification of defects in selective laser melted 316L stainless steel based on convolutional neural network
Numerical investigations on the onset of nucleate boiling for submerged liquid impingement flow
Simiao Fan, Fei Duan

MS-018 Progresses of Computational Marine Hydrodynamics

Keynote: Numerical Analysis of Yawed Turbine Wake under Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows
Wan Decheng, Ning Xu
Full scale simulations of the external and internal flow fields for a waterjet-propelled ship
Jie Gong, Chunyu Guo
Thick Strip Model for Numerical Investigations on VIV of a Flexible Cylinder
Wan Decheng, Di Deng
Energy Saving Mechanism of Propeller with Endplates at Blade Tips
Wan Decheng, Yijie Liu
Comparison of liquid sloshing in different tanks based on MPS method
Wan Decheng, Fengze Xie
Aerodynamic Analysis of the Wind Turbine by Two Different Numerical Methods
Wan Decheng, Ruicheng Zhang
Unsteady Aerodynamics of a Spar-type Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Induced by Platform Pitch Motion
Wan Decheng, Yang Huang
Numerical Study of FIO of Circular Cylinder with Different Heights of Passive Turbulence Control Strips
Wan Decheng, Chunhui Ma

MS-019 Large Scale Coupled Problems and Related Topics

Keynote: Using serum amino acids composition to predict livestock growth
Zheng Hongjie, Shioya Ryuji, Masuda Masato, Nakabayashi Yasushi
Keynote: Simulations of Organic Field-Effect Transistors by the Combination of Finite Difference Method and Kinetic Monte Carlo Method
Lijun Liu, Haoyuan Li, Jean-Luc Brédas
Initial particle placement based on the centroidal Voronoi tessellation for two-dimensional flow simulation by the particle method
Masao Ogino, Hayate Hasegawa, Yusuke Imoto
An iterative domain decomposition method for magnetic field problems with the gauge condition
Daisuke TAGAMI, Shi-ichiro SUGIMOTO
Finite element method based analysis of bio-heat transfer problems in human skin during burns and afterwards
Abul Mukid Mohammad Mukaddes, Ryuji Shioya, Masao Ogino

MS-021 Computational methods in fluid engineering

Hybrid reconstructed discontinuous Galerkin method for solving the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
Fan Zhang, Tiegang Liu
Shape Optimization of a 3D Diaphragm Pump using the Continuous Adjoint Approach to the Cut-Cell Method
Konstantinos Dimitrios Samouchos, Dimitrios Helias Kapsoulis, Xenofon Spyros Trompoukis, Kyriakos Christos Giannakoglou
Numerical simulation on shock-induced combustion of premixed hydrogen-oxygen mixtures
junhong li
Numerical computation study on turbulence models for simulating the internal flow field of a subway passenger compartment
Yu Tao, Lei Zhang, Tiantian Wang, Mingzhi Yang
Numerical computation study on ventilation panel models in a subway passenger compartment
Yu Tao, Tiantian Wang, Lei Zhang, Mingzhi Yang
Numerical Aeroheating Analysis of Revolutionary Body
hao jingke
Weak Shock Reflection from Blunt Bodies with the High-Order Numerical Simulation Using an Immersed Boundary Method
Hyunjin Kwon, Se-Myong Chang
Numerical simulation of separated flows: the role of turbulence models
Zuoli Xiao, Rui Wang
Numerical simulation of unsteady film condensation in a vertical channel
Yumin Choi, Gihun Son
A free element method for solving incompressible fluid flow using a pressure correction method
Huayu Liu
Discontinuous Galerkin Method with Artificial Viscosity for Compressible Fluid Flows
Penghui Su, Liang Zhang
Accuracy verification of a 2D adaptive mesh refinement method using backward facing step flows of low Reynolds numbers
Zhenquan Li

MS-023 Acoutic metamaterials and phononic crystals: from fundamental theory to potential applications

Development of a windows system with acoustic metamaterial for air and noise control
Gioia Fusaro
Thermal tuning on band gaps of the coupled extensional, thickness-stretch,
Feng Jin

MS-024 Lattice Boltzmann method on multiphase flow and fluid-Structure Interaction

Keynote: Data-driven automation for maritime: Focus on design appraisal and navigation planning
Wei Chian Tan, Kie Hian Chua, Yan Ling Wu
A numerical study of the rheology of flexible fiber suspensions
Haibo Huang
Phase field lattice Boltzmann method for multiphase flows
Hong Liang
An interface-compressed diffuse interface lattice Boltzmann method for multiphase flows
Jie Wu

MS-025 Applications of Computational Methods in Structural Engineering

Chuying Cui, Lijuan Li, Bing Fu, Feng Liu
A coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian algorithm for explosion and shock problems
Xiangzhao Xu, Fanlin Meng, Jianguo Ning
Matched interface and boundary method for free vibration analysis of triangular and quadrilateral membranes
Zhiwei Song, Wei Li, Xiaoqiao He, De Xie
Comparative studies on regularization penalties for structural damage detection
Ziwei Luo, Ling Yu
Seismic Performance of Eccentrically Braced Steel Frames Using Steel Slit Dampers with Shape Memory Alloy
Joo-Woo Kim
Nonlinear analysis of two-way beam string structures
minhee seo, Seunghye Lee, Thi Thanh Dieu Do, Thi Mai Linh Phi, jaehong lee
Numerical Analysis on Inelastic Buckling of Cold-formed Thin-walled Channel Column
Huang Lihua, Wenbin Yang, Tingwei Shi
Wrinkling analysis of pre-stressed membranes using element free Galerkin method
Unnikrishnan K R, Arun C O, I R Praveen Krishna
Experimental analysis of T-pipe joints forming
Jaroslaw Bartnicki, Jaroslaw Switacz, Zbigniew Pater
A simple implicit nonlinear dynamic analysis with structural damping in inelastic structural systems
Tzu-Ying Lee, Wen-Hsiao Hung
Numerical and experimental study of the stressed skin effect of radome structures
Wu Yue, Wang Le, Sun Baohua, Meng Song
Aeroelstic Wind Tunnel Tests on 2D Membrane Structure
sun xiaoying, wu yue
Simulation of the magnetic stiffness of PM-HTS levitation system
Yong Yang
Topology Optimization of Continuum Structures Considering Compliance, Stress and Buckling Constraints Simultaneously
Xingjun Gao

MS-026 Novel Methods for Structural Damage Modeling, Detection and Identification

Invited:Multiple damage detection in structure by FE model updating using coordinate strain modal assurance criterion
Ning Guo
Initial delamination detection of fiber reinforced composite via electrical based method using electrode network
Yunfei Gao, Feng Xu, Chao Xu
A substructural damage detection approach for shear structures based on the combination of ARMAX model residual and Jensen-Shannon divergence
Liu Mei, Huaguan Li, Yunlai Zhou
Keynote: SHM of Bridges and Buildings: Prestress Force Identification and Deterioration Assessment
Tommy H.T. Chan, Khac-Duy Nguyen, Thisara Pathirage, Benyamin Monavari, Ziru Xiang, Manal Hussin

MS-027 Recent Advances in Meshfree and Particle Methods

Keynote: An Improved Multiphase SPH Model for the Simulation of Water Entries
Zifei Meng, Pingping Wang, Furen Ming, Pengnan Sun, Han Cheng, A-Man Zhang
A finite element particle method (FEPM) for modeling fluid-structure interaction problems with large fluid deformations
Ting Long
A multiphase SPH method with the application on hydrate-bearing sediment
Can Huang
A semi-Lagrangian meshfree method for flow problems with strong convection
Xiaodong Wang, Haidan Wang, Ying Liu
A two-dimensional ghost cell boundary model for the explicit MPS method
Zumei Zheng, Guangtao Duan, Naoto Mitsume, Shunhua Chen, Tomonori Yamada, Shinobu Yoshimura
Improved MPS method with adaptive variable-size particles
Kai Zhang, Zhongguo Sun, Guang Xi
3D numerical study of wet foam behavior and channels by MPS method
Yong Zhang, Guo Zhong Sun, Xin Qi Liu, Jie Yi Sun, Guang Xi
Meshless generalized finite difference method for inverse bioheat transfer problem of size and location of tumor
Wenhui Chu
A weighted meshfree collocation method for incompressible flows using radial basis functions
Lihua Wang
The study on applicability of an improved SPH algorithm for multiphase flows based on Riemann solution
Yang Qiuzu
Peridynamic modelling of metal materials under high-speed velocity impact
Xin Lai, Jiale Yan, Shaofan Li, Sai Li, Lisheng Liu

MS-028 Computational studies of skeletal structures and metamaterials

Thermal tuning negative effective mass density of acoustic metamaterial with hexagonal lattice
Zhen Li
Keynote: Plate-Type Acoustic Metamaterials for Large-Scale Noise Control Applications
Heow-Pueh LEE

MS-029 Data Analysis Based and Simulation Based Multidiscipline Optimization Methods and Their Applications

Research on Prediction Method of Ship Impact Environment Based on Probabilistic Neural Network
Jun Guo

MS-030 Reduced order models for structures and fluids

Keynote: Coupling of non-matching interfaces in a component mode synthesis method for 3D finite element method
Ruoyu Li
Keynote: Calculating the Forced Response of a Mistuned Blisk via Surrogate Models
DENG Shiyuan, YAO Jianyao
Invited: Stress/Displacement Field Calculation for Discontinuous Mechanical Struc-ture Based on Layered Elastic Theory
qingchao sun, liangguo meng, yunlong wang, lin xue
Keynote: Nonlinear buckling analysis of structures using a novel reduced order model
Ke Liang

MS-031 Data-driven Surrogate Modeling Techniques for Computational Inverse Problems

Reanalysis assisted stochastic analysis with IGA for free vibration problems of variable-stiffness composite laminate
yaya zhang, Hu Wang
Keynote: Unified Ensemble of Surrogates (UES): a novel strategy of integrating global measures with local measures for engineering design and optimization
Jian Zhang, Jiajia Qiu, Xinxin Yue
Keynote: Machine learning-based closed loop parameter optimization for MMC-based topology optimization
Yu Li, Hu Wang, Kangjia Mo, Xinchao Jiang

MS-032 Concurrent multiscale modeling from electrons to finite elements

Keynote: Mechanical properties of twisted bilayer graphene
Qiang Cao
Tensile Characteristic of CNT-reinforced copper Nanocomposite
Pengjie Wang

MS-033 Methods of approximate calculations in static analyses

Keynote: Approximate calculation of certain type of statically indeterminate truss
Janusz Rębielak

MS-034 Modelling Heterogeneous Media: Fracture, Localisation and Multiphase Flow

Disorder characterization of porous media and its effect on fluid displacement
Zhongzheng Wang, Kapil Chauhan, Jean-Michel Pereira, Yixiang Gan
Modelling flow field in fractured porous media using an LBM-PNM coupling technique
Si Suo, Yixiang Gan
An Investigation of Matching 3D Crushed Sand Particles
Mengmeng WU, Jianfeng Wang
Configurational damage model with material forces as internal variables
Zhongbo Yuan, Qun Li
Keynote: Structure-Preserving Algorithms for Multi-Phase Flow in Fractured Porous Media
Shuyu Sun
Meso-scale fracture behaviour of concrete with fractal aggregate shapes: An FDEM approach
Deheng WEI, Daniel Dias da Costa, Yixiang Gan
Keynote: A hybrid method on modeling of grain crushing
Jidong Zhao
An efficient discrete strong discontinuity approach for simulation of fracture based on minimum enhanced degrees of freedom
Marcelo Carvalho, Daniel Dias-da-Costa
Invited: CFD-DEM simulation of fluid flow assisted mixing of binary granular beds
Baju Joy, Akhil Vijayan Panicker, Ratna Kumar Annabattula
Pore-scale Modelling of Instability in Partially Saturated Granular Soils
Yixiang Gan
Keynote: Modelling mesoscale multiphase interactions using modified smoothed particle hydrodynamics
Luming Shen
A Coarse-Grained Model for Microscale Multiphase Interactions and Its Applications in Dynamic Wetting
Pengyu Huang, Luming Shen, Yixiang Gan, Federico Maggi, Abbas El-Zein, Giang D. Nguyen
Three dimensional crack orientation measuring technique based on X-ray computed tomography
Sheng Jiang, Luming Shen, François Guillard, Itai Einav

MS-035 Modelling & Simulation for Urban and Built Environment

Comparison of transport methodologies on near-field pollutant dispersion in urban environments using CFD
Clarence TEE, E.Y.K NG, George XU
Modeling and simulating radiative cooling materials for microclimate analysis
Gloria Pignatta, Mattheos Santamouris
Modeling the energy performance of retrofit double-glazing for office settings in the tropical region
Huizhe Liu, Wee Shing Koh
Keynote: An Improved Coupled Solver in OpenFOAM for Simulation of Low Wind-Speed Flows in Built Environment
Harish Gopalan, Venugopalan S. G. Raghavan, Senthil Kumar Selvaraj, Arthur Teck-Bin Lim
Development of Shapefile Converter for Simulation of Wind & Thermal Effects of Buildings & Trees in Built Environment with Terrain Effects
Venugopalan Srinivasa Gopala Raghavan, Harish Gopalan, Jing Lou
Evaluation of a Semi-automated Photogrammetry-based Method for Geometry Creation for Urban Simulations
Chin Chun Ooi, Raymond Quek, Zhengwei Ge, Hee Joo Poh, George Xu
Keynote: Revisit of Horizontal Homogeneity of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows
George XU, Hee Joo Poh, Harish GOPALAN, Arthur LIM, Jing LOU

MS-036 Experimental and modelling analysis of Residual Stresses in Additive Manufacturing

Numerical modeling and experimental characterization for mechanical properties of metallic parts fabricated by selective laser melting processes
Xue Wang, Liping Zhao, Heow Pueh Lee

MS-037 Novel Mesh-Reduction Methods for Engineering & Sciences

A rapid calculating method for the concentrated notch stress in thin-walled structures
Yunfeng Shi, Rui Li, Bo Wang, Bin Wang
Keynote: Localized Trefftz method for solving two-dimensional Laplace, Helmholtz and biharmonic equations
Chia-Ming Fan, Yan-Cheng Liu, Yeichung Yeih, Cheng-Yu Ku
A new method of fundamental solutions for Helmholtz problem with simply-connected domain
Ying-Te Lee, Shyh-Rong Kuo
A precise integration scheme in dual reciprocity boundary element method for transient problems
Zhou Fenglin
Keynote: A new Fragile Points Method (FPM) in computational mechanics, based on the concepts of Point Stiffnesses and Numerical Flux Corrections
Leiting Dong
The space-time generalized finite difference method for solving two-dimensional Burgers’ equations
Po-Wei Li, Zhuo-Jia Fu, Chia-Ming Fan
Keynote: Bandgap calculation of elastic wave in 2D solid phononic crystals by the meshless generalized finite difference method
Zhuojia Fu

MS-038 Novel Algorithms Artificial Intelligence

Keynote: A Novel Dynamic Movement Primitives Method for Robot Movement Generation
gao yongsheng, Ti Boyang
Uncertainty Quantification and Propagation Analysis Method Based on Contour Multi-ellipsoid Convex Model
Qiming Liu, Xu Han, Xingfu Wu

MS-039 Semi-analytical methods: Recent advances and applications

An application of the scaled boundary finite element method to laminates: Prediction of interlaminar crack onset caused by the free-edge effect
Sebastian Dölling, Julian Felger, Jonathan Hahn, Sophia Bremm, Wilfried Becker
An Enriched Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method for 3D Stress Singularities in Anisotropic Multi-Material Configurations
Sascha Hell, Wilfried Becker
Analytical solution of stiffness and damping for finite length vertical journal bearing
Changmin Chen, Jianping Jing
Keynote: Aspects of SBFEM-based models for dynamics and wave propagation
Hauke Gravenkamp, Chongmin Song, Carolin Birk
Numerical modeling of thin and thick shells using the scaled boundary finite element method
Milan Wallner, Carolin Birk, Hauke Gravenkamp
Keynote: Treatment of Nonmatching Meshes Using the Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method
Junqi Zhang, Weiwei Xing, Chongmin Song
Improving the Accuracy of Stress Intensity Factors Obtained by the Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method on Hierarchial Meshes
Adrian Egger, Savvas Triantafyllou, Eleni Chatzi
Exploring Topology Optimization on Hierarchical Meshes by Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method
Adrian Egger, Albert Saputra, Savvas Triantafyllou, Eleni Chatzi
Phase field modeling of quasi-static brittle fracture using the scaled boundary finite element method
Hirshikesh Hirshikesh, L N Pramod A, Annabattula RK, Ooi ET, Song C, Natarajan S

MS-040 Smoothed Finite Element Methods and Related Techniques

Keynote: An optimal multiple smoothing scheme of selective cell-based smoothed finite element methods with 10-node tetrahedral elements for large deformation of nearly incompressible solids
Yuki Onishi
Keynote: Immerse Boundary Cell-based Smoothed Finite Element Method for Incompressible Laminar Flow
Chen Jiang, Guang-Jun Gao, G.R. Liu
Invited: A high-order edge-based smoothed finite element method with piecewise linear strain fields
Yan Li, Guirong Liu, Zhiqiang Feng
Invited: Analysis of large deformation problems using a stable node-based smoothed finite element method
Xiangyang Cui, Hong Yang, Hui Feng
Stable Node-Based Smoothed Finite Element Method
Cui Xiangyang, Yong Cai, Guangyao Li
Keynote: A novel locking-free smoothed 4-node quadrilateral element based on the incompatible modes for near-incompressible linear elasticity
Detao Wan, Dean Hu, Gang Yang, Xu Han, Guirong Liu
Vu Hoang Le, Sawekchai Tangaramvong
Finite element full-process Gpu parallel computing scheme for complex contact problems
Xiangyang Cui, cao xinggang, Yong Cai
Performance Evaluation of edge-based smoothed finite element method for 4-node tetrahedral meshes on Electrodeposition Simulation.
Kai Kitamura, Yuki Onishi, Takeshi Kashiyama, Kenji Amaya
A novel hybrid deterministic-statistical approach for the mid-frequency vibro-acoustic problems
Gang Wang, Yanxu Zhang, Xu Han
A High Order Cell-Based Smoothed Finite Element Method (CS-FEM) using Triangular and Quadrilateral Elements
Xin Cui, Xu Han, Shuyong Duan, Guirong Liu
Keynote: An ES-FEM Mechanics Analysis method using the experimental forces for the Conical Pick
qiuxia fan
A Smoothed Finite Element Method for Stress Analysis Based on Octree-based Polyhedral Meshes
ShuHao Huo, Guirong Liu, Junqi Zhang, Chongmin Song, Shuyong Duan

MS-041 Machine learning based computational mechanics modeling and simulation

Coupling Discrete Multiphysics with Reinforcement Learning for Simulating of Human Physiology
Alessio Alexiadis
Surface Mesh Generation Based on Segmentation via Deep Learning
Feifei Shang, Jia-Xin Zhao, Hua Ding
A Machine Learning Approach of the Prediction of Tissue Differentiation for Dental Implants
Pei-Ching Kung, Chai-Wei Hsu, An-Cheng Yang, Nan-Yow Chen, Nien-Ti Tsou

MS-042 Computational Methods in Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences

Invited:The nonlinear seismic dynamic time-dependent reliability of anchored slope based on machine learning algorithm
Min Xiong
A quantitative method for vulnerability assessment of buildings to landslides using DBN-SVM
Yuanchuang Xing
Response analysis of a dam under the impact of debris flow using Smooth Finite Element Method
Jie Liu
Effects of hydrodynamic pressure on the seismic responses of underground vertical shafts
Bu Zhang, Zhiyi Chen
Energy response characteristics of a subway station structure based on probability density evolution method
Zhiqian Liu, Zhiyi Chen
Keynote: Large-scale discrete element simulations of soil drilling process
Jian Chen, Mikito Furuichi, Daisuke Nishiura
Keynote: Isolation effect analysis on friction pendulum bearings in underground station structures
Peng Jia, Zhiyi Chen

MS-043 Computational Fluid Structure Interaction and Application

Keynote: Improved lattice Boltzmann flux solver and its applications to naval and ocean engineering
Haoran Yan, Chang Shu, Guiyong Zhang, Shuangqiang Wang
δ-SPH and S-PIM coupled method for fluid-structure interaction problems
Taian Hu, Shuangqiang Wang, Guiyong Zhang, Yanzeng Deng
OpenFOAM implementation of immersed boundary method to simulate fluid-solid interaction problems
Magu Raam Prasaad R, Ajit Kumar, Santanu Mitra
Extension of the immersed boundary method in OpenFOAM to simulate flow-induced motion
Hui Feng, Peter Alan TODD, Heow Pueh LEE
An efficient finite-volume algorithm for fluid-structure thermo-mechanical analysis
Branislav basara, Zoran Zunic, Jooyoung Hahn, Sanjin Saric
Hemodynamic investigation of aortic aneurysm after stent graft with slits treatment
ChiWei Ong, Fei Xiong, Foad Kabinejadian, Yen Ngoc Nguyen, Gideon Praveen Kumar, FangSen Cui, Gongfa Chen, Pei Ho, Hwa Liang Leo
Keynote: A review on immersed boundary methods for fluid-structure interaction
Wenquan Wang

MS-044 Advances in damage and failure mechanics

Keynote: Determining the Critical Value of Damage for C45 Grade Steel with Rotary Compression in a Channel
Zbigniew Pater
Localizing gradient damage model with micro-inertia for dynamic fracture
Zhao Wang, Amit Shedbale, Sachin Kumar, Leong Hien Poh
Phase field modeling of brittle fracture simulation on the cell-based smooth finite element framework
J-integral Decomposition Approach for 3-D Elasto-Plastic Fatigue Crack Growth Simulations
Manish Kumar, Indra Vir Singh, Bhanu Kumar Mishra
Modelling Twin and Grain Boundary Interactions in Nanocrystalline Materials: Phase Field Study
Jakub Mikula, Tong-Earn Tay, Rajeev Ahluwalia, Siu Sin Quek

MS-045 Modeling and Simulation of Sensor and Actuator

Keynote: Hydrogel Based Soft Pressure Sensor and Its Underwater Application
Yang Gao
Keynote: Finite element analysis on the nonlinear oscillation of dielectric elastomer actuator under parametric excitation
Kun Jia
Modeling of piezoelectric-driven stick-slip actuator
Yuan Wang, Minglong Xu, Shubao Shao, Yan Shao
A method of detecting gap and dynamic force based on flexoelectricity
Kaiyuan Liu, Minglong Xu, Tonghui Wu, Shuwen Zhang, Hui Ji
Design and analysis of a novel sensing method based on flexoelectric effect
Tonghui Wu, Minglong Xu, Kaiyuan Liu, Shuwen Zhang, Hui Ji
Design and analysis of a novel precision fast steering mirror with wide bandwidth based on piezoelectric actuator
Wenwen Han, Minglong Xu, Zheng Tian, Siyang Song
Dynamic analysis of axially preloaded piezoelectric actuators with non-smooth behavior
Yan Shao, Minglong Xu, Shubao Shao
Modeling and control of a piezoelectric actuated precision tip-tilt mechanism
Zheng Tian, Minglong Xu, Wenwen Han
Highly stretchable and transparent dielectric gels for high-performance soft sensors and acutuators
Haoyu Guo, Lei Shi, Shujiang Ding, Tiejun Wang, Tongqing Lu
Keynote: Guided wave-based in situ disbond detection with embedded flexible piezoelectric wafer
Menglong Liu, Fangsen Cui
Equivalent Circuit Modeling and Analysis Study for Vortex-induced Aerodynamic Energy Harvesting
Jinda Jia, Xiaobiao Shan, Tao Xie, Yaowen Yang
Resonant frequencies of a radial field piezoelectric diaphragm
Xingxu Zhang, Xiaobiao Shan, Tao Xie, Jianmin Miao
Study on magnetoelectric response due to flexoelectricity and flexomagnetism coupling in multiferric composites
Yang Shi
Keynote: Measurement and analysis of vibration disturb during the rotation of satellite antenna
Bo Gao, Minglong Xu
Mechanical behavior of micro/nano piezoelectric cantilever induced by adsorption
Jiqiao Zhang, Fangsen Cui

MS-047 Microfluidics and nanofluidics

Keynote: Modelling contact behavior of synovial joints
Lihai Zhang
Numerical study of the solute dispersion in microchannel with interphase transport
Wenbo li, Cunlu Zhao, Fang Qian, Deng Huang
Numerical simulation of electrokinetic desalination using parallel permselective microchannels
jing tang
Numerical simulation of electroconvection based on electrodialysis: effects of shear flow on the system
jiang jiafei

MS-048 High Performance Computing on Simulations

Keynote: A Novel Parallel Finite Element Procedure for Sheet Metal Forming Using GPU and Mixed Precision Algorithm
Shengquan Wang, Yong Cai, Xiangyang Cui, Guangyao Li
Exploiting Symmetry in Elemental Computation and Assembly Stage of GPU-Accelerated FEA
Subhajit Sanfui, Deepak Sharma
A GPU based acceleration of Finite Element and Isogeometric analysis
utpal kiran, Vishal Agrawal, Deepak Sharma, Sachin Singh Gautam
Interactive simulation and control on soft robotic arms grasping deformable objects
Jun Liu, Zhuangjian Liu
An efficient parallel aggregative algebraic multigrid solver on Sunway many-core architectures
Hanfeng GU
Development and Application of Parallel Accelerated Techniques for Large-Scale Computation of Structures Based on Finite Particle Method
Yaozhi Luo, Chao Yang, Yanfeng Zheng, Wei Wang

Publication at eProceedings

Dynamic capillary phenomena using weakly compressible SPH
Xiangwei Dong
European tall building with a height of 200 m and an irregular form - aerodynamic analysis methods
Joanna Pietrzak, Wiesław Rokicki
Fluid–rigid Structure Interaction of Moving Cuttlefish Robot Using Moving Mesh Method
Shinichi Asao, Masashi Yamakawa, Yuto Mori
Topological optimization of microstructures with isogeometric analysis
wei zeng, Jie Gao, Jie Gao, Luo Zhen, Luo Zhen
Parallel Computing for Trajectory Prediction of Aircraft
Momoha Nishimura, Masashi Yamakawa, Ryuta Sakashita, Shinichi Asao, Mitsuru Tanaka

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