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MS-000 General Papers

High-order nonlinear mechanical properties of g-SiC
Qing Peng

MS-001 Theory and Formulation for Novel Computational Methods

Higher-order mixed finite elements for nonlinear analysis of frames including shear deformation
Joe Petrolito, Daniela Ionescu

MS-009 Computational Methods in Fluid Engineering

Energy, Enstrophy and Parameter Sensitivity for the Time Relaxation Model
Fran Pahlevani

MS-012 Deformation, Fatigue and Fracture of Advanced Materials

Improvement of a ceramic head in the design of a total hip arthroplasty
Vladimir Pakhaliuk, Aleksandr Poliakov

MS-022 Multiscale modelling of engineering materials

Homogenization approach for representative laminate plate using Hsieh-Clough-Tocher element
Nguyen Hoang Phuong, Le Van Canh, Ho Le Huy Phuc

MS-032 Acoustic metamaterials and phononic crystals: from fundamental theory to potential applications

Extreme longitudinal wave absorption in rods
Beniamin Sawicki, Pawel Packo

MS-033 Design optimization of structures and metamaterials

Structural design of multi-rotor wind turbine using topology optimization considering static and dynamic behaviors
Hyeonjin Park, Jeonghoon Yoo

MS-034 Local and nonlocal modeling approaches in dynamics

Modified wave dispersion properties in 2-D bond-based Peridynamics
Reza Alebrahim, Pawel Packo, Mirco Zaccariotto, Ugo Galvanetto
Stability and reflection/transmission analysis of a dynamic hybrid coupling scheme for elastic wave propagation
Siddhesh Raorane, Tadeusz Uhl, Pawel Packo, Michael Leamy

Publication at eProceedings

Intelligent Robust Control based on Reinforcement Learning for a kind of Continuum Manipulator
Da Jiang, Zhiqin Cai, Xiaolu Qiu, Haijun Peng, Zhigang Wu

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