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Plenary Lecture

Progress in mixed models for efficient nonlinear analysis of composite shells. Application to optimal design of smart structures
Leonardo Leonetti

MS-000 General Papers

A mathematical analysis method for bending problem of clamped shallow spherical shell on elastic foundation
Shanqing Li
Establishment and analysis of three-dimensional force chains model for granular solids
bowen liang

MS-002 Particle Based Methods

Simulation of high Rayleigh number of natural convection in a square cavity using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics method
Pengying Yang, Moubin Liu

MS-005 Reduced order models for structures and fluids

An alternating iteration strategy based on the reduced-order model for heat flux identification
Yu Liang, Xiao-Wei Gao

MS-006 Energy Absorption and crashworthiness of Structures and Materials

A Novel Method for Jittering Mitigation at the Arm-tip of Robots over Working Trajectory
Chunlu Li, Fang Wang, Shuyong Duan

MS-007 Fire Simulation

Localisation of fire source in a warehouse using plume-tracing method
Zeqi Li, Zhao Feng Tian, Tien-fu Lu, Houzhi Wang

MS-010 Data-driven Surrogate Modeling Techniques for Inverse and Other Related Problems

An Improved Nested Sampling Method for Path Parameter Inference of Variable Stiffness Composite
Xin Wang, Hu Wang, Yong Cai, Guangyao Li
U-Net-based Surrogate Model for Evaluation of Microfluidic Channels
Quang Tuyen Le, Pao-Hsiung Chiu, Chin Chun Ooi
Two-way TubeNets Uncertain Inverse methods for improving Positioning Accuracy of robots Based on Interval
Lutong Shi, Fang Wang, Shuyong Duan, Guirong Liu

MS-012 Deformation, Fatigue and Fracture of Advanced Materials

Geometrical and energetic analysis of curved surfaces due to disclination in graphene sheet
Yoshitada Tomioka, Xiao-Wen Lei
Configurational force of lattice defects
Xiao-Wen Lei

MS-013 Large Scale Coupled Problems and Related Topics

New Deep Learning Interatomic Potential for Pure Magnesium
Lijun Liu, Daisuke Matsunaka, Yoji Shibutani

MS-015 Smoothed Finite Element Methods and Related Techniques

An edge based smoothed finite element method for analysis of axisymmetric problems
Xin Cui, Guirong Liu
Contact analysis based on a linear strain node-based smoothed finite element method with linear complementarity formulations
Yan Li, Junhong Yue
Nonlinear vibration investigation of magneto-electro-elastic structures with the cell-based smoothed finite element method
Liming Zhou, Ming Li
A Novel Bone Remodeling Algorithm Based-on the Smoothed Finite Element Methods
Shuhao Huo, Chao Sun, G.R. Liu
Contact analysis within the bi-potential framework using cell-based smoothed finite element method
Qianwei Chen, Yan Li, Zhiqiang Feng, Huijian Chen

MS-018 Data, Uncertainty, Machine Learning and Digital Twin

Structural damage detection by FEM and CNN
Fangsen Cui, Shuai Teng, Kefeng Zhong, Yue Hu, Gen Liu, Zhiqiang Teng, Gongfa Chen
A Technique to Improve Bounding Box Anchors for One-stage Object Detection Based on Computer Image Processing
Ningning Lu, Shuyong Duan, Guirong Liu
A Global Sensitivity Analysis Method for Multi-input Multi-output System
Qiming Liu, Nichen Tong, Xu Han
Application of Inverse Problem in Fault Diagnosis
Huiyun LIU
Research on the operation and intelligent obstacle avoidance of mowing robot in the whole life cycle of grassland
honglei ma, Shuyong Duan, Guirong Liu

MS-025 Meshfree and Other Advanced Numerical Methods for Engineering and Applied Mathematical Problems

A meshfree collocation method based on moving Taylor polynomial approximation
Xiaodong Wang, Ying Liu

MS-027 Modeling and Simulation for Additive Manufacturing

Simulation of metal Grain Growth in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process using Phase-field Thermal Coupled Model
Zhida Huang, Jian Lu, Chong Liu, Bo Li

MS-029 Kernel and machine learning based solutions of PDEs

Key parameters inverse for nonlinear friction model of robot joints
Changluo Li, Shuyong Duan, Guirong Liu

MS-033 Design optimization of structures and metamaterials

Structural design for electromagnetic wave reflector in aircraft engine intake considering incident angle change
Taeil Lee, Jeonghoon Yoo

MS-034 Local and nonlocal modeling approaches in dynamics

Stability and reflection/transmission analysis of a dynamic hybrid coupling scheme for elastic wave propagation
Siddhesh Raorane, Tadeusz Uhl, Pawel Packo, Michael Leamy

MS-035 Computational Biomechanics

A Selective S-FEM with Visco-hyperelastic Model for Analysis of Biomechanical Responses of Brain Tissues
Shaowei Wu, Chen Jiang, Chao Jiang, Guirong Liu

Publication at eProceedings

Effect of nano silica on fracture properties and crack extension resistance of high-performance concrete
Van Thuc Ngo, Tien Thanh Bui, Thi Cam Nhung Nguyen, Thanh Quang Khai Lam, Duyen Phong Nguyen, Thi Thu Nga Nguyen
An edge-based smoothed finite element method with TBC for elastic wave scattering by an obstacle
ze wu, jun hong yue, ming li, rui ping niu, yu fei zhang

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