Aims & Scope

The purpose of this journal is to provide a forum for the fast online publication and dissemination of original novel ideas, methodology and practical techniques in modern mechanics. The ideas, methods and technique should be innovative and of high scientific and potentially practical value in creating technology, advancing sciences or solving problems in engineering, industry and daily life.

The journal is devoted to the following topics.

  • Mechanics of multi-scales;
  • Mechanics of multi-physics;
  • Mechanics of novel functional materials;
  • Mechanics of bio-systems;
  • Mechanics of particles;
  • Mechanics of coupled systems;
  • Statistical mechanics;
  • Novel formulism for mechanics;
  • Novel solution to mechanics problems;
  • Objective orientated mechanics;
  • Mechanics of energy systems;
  • Mechanics of information technology;
  • Mechanics of human behavior;
  • Mechanics of societal behavior;
  • Mechanics of economy and finance;
  • Other unexpected phenomena of mechanics.

The journal places a great emphasis on novelty of the ideas, methods, and techniques. It opens to all age groups and all walks of life, aiming for fresh and interdisciplinary ideas in modern mechanics.

When preparing for paper submission, please download the paper template here.